A Way Out of Pain – Video from Matt Kahn


Transcending Pain Video

 Saturn Soon Entering Sagittarius



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We are entering a bit of a bottleneck energetically as Saturn nears the critical degree of Scorpio and the Uranus Pluto square grows tighter day by day… The purpose of these aspects is to amp up the collective consciousness an evolutionary bump… And what are we becoming aware of? Saturn in Scorpio has been forcing us to look at all the things we’ve previously tried to keep hidden from sight, all the world’s messy complexity, contemporary society and all of its ramifications. Saturn into Sagittarius is a shift of collective social consciousness, an expanded awareness that is actually realistic in assessing the world as it is. The truth is we are being forced to evolve, learn, grow because the only other option is to live in denial.

This video from Matt Kahn is relevant to what many collectively are experiencing or realizing, which is that there is factually a great amount of injustices and disturbing acts in the world, which we must admit to if we ever intend to heal this planet. Matt gives a fully matured understanding of Scorpio, which is the understanding of transcending pain into compassionate awareness, that all things, not just some things are part and parcel of Grace, even pain. The current nearly all-pervasive pain which enshrouds the world is the very same kinetic energy, and creative potential which will ultimately lead to its upward spiral in evolution. The key is to not deny it, but rather see it in its true light as it is so elegantly explained in the video.

For more from Matt Kahn check out his website: www.truedivinenature.com

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