Aries Season 2015


The Astrology of Aries Season 2015 – Official Birth of the New Year

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Art by Nethskie



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Art by David Heskin

Each year Aries officially heralds the start of Spring as the Sun enters the fiery sign of individuality and birth on the Spring Equinox, this year March 20th. Not only is it now Springtime, this is the official beginning of the astrological year, and aren’t we off to quite a start! On the same day of our Equinox the Moon eclipsed the Sun at twenty nine degrees Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac in a Total Solar Eclipse. This year quite apparently begins right off the bat with a huge theme of completion, birth, death, and renewal. Solar Eclipse energy is radical, Uranus square Pluto energy is revolutionary. The energy pouring in is pushing us forward, it is pioneering the future, it is highly active and creative, desiring the elimination of all freedom-imposing structures. The recent final square between Uranus and Pluto is telling us we are at another critical turning point in our evolution. We are seeing seeds that were planted decades ago, in the mid-sixties that are beginning to sprout and show potential for a revolutionary humanitarian movement in service of peace and love for all beings and we are also seeing the challenges and threats to this movements success. This is called creative-tension, and as the weight of limiting structures continues to press us it only creates more and more kinetic energy, like a bow pulled back on an arrow, that will inevitably release forward with even greater opposite force. This year really begins with a huge push-off that is going to be taking through many years to come, so let’s fill our sails. Dependant on where we aim our ship these days will determine where we’re going, so let’s be sure to have our compass on hand and know exactly where we want to go because it is up to us to take the helm and choose our destiny.[/elements_animation][elements_animation animation_type=’element_from_fade’]

Persephone by Zabani

With the Moon’s North Node being in Libra through September of this year balance is the key to being able to harness the energy of the cosmic weather and not get flooded over by it. Libra is the balance and harmony between all things found intrinsically within nature. Libra is justice, equality, freedom of expression. We are not only experiencing the call for this in our world between and within our nations, but also within ourselves. We have the opportunity to better balance and harmonize our own inherent way of being as well as how we interact with and experience other people. We have to face our own inherent conditioning that may not be in perfect balance, as we were born into and initially conditioned by an unbalanced world. Now is the time to bring balance to one’s own self, and through balancing ourselves we are contributing to the balancing of the whole world. What Libra teaches us is that we can not properly master relationships until we master our own capability to give and take, and collectively this is a fundamental understanding we are being forced to learn on a mass scale. We will see this theme reflected in the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at fourteen degrees of of Libra April fourth. Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon align in New or Full Moons along the Moon’s Nodal Axis. This axis has often been called the Nodes of Fate by astrologers for centuries as they determine the evolutionary direction desired the by soul; And what the soul desires manifests our reality (therefore our fate). Similarly the Moon’s North Node now being in Libra is a collective intent, many souls desire to seek greater balance and harmony in the world, which is really to say love.And it is truly Venus, the Goddess of Love whom is beckoning us forward like never before! The key thing to watch out for with Mercury aligning with the Moon’s South Node and the Sun conjunct Uranus all in the fiery sign of Aries at the time of this eclipse is too much compulsive restlessness, over-analyzation, spontaneous urges to break away from efforts of harmony and balance and charge one way or the highway towards disaster.[/elements_animation][elements_animation animation_type=’element_from_fade’]

Spring by Thomas Wilmer Dewing

Spring by Thomas Wilmer Dewing

For what purpose is all of this striving for balance and harmonious integration other then love and creation? What automatically arises when we allow our pure authentic individual expression to meet others in a place of mutual freedom and love? Incredible amounts of creative energy. Art, music, inventions, humanitarian movements are all a part of a global renaissance that desires to be born. But how can such a feat be practically achieved? We must anchor it all into our life. We must bring it into our actual lives, our three dimensional, everyday, wake to sleep life. That means we have to embody these ideals not simply discuss them. Fortunately Venus moved into the Earth sign of Taurus March 17th and Mars will soon follow on March 31st. This provides us on opportunity to be totally embodied in our bodies. Venus in Taurus is sensual, likes to explore and feel the beauty of nature, soak up the fresh scent of the grass, bathe in the gentle gust of the spring breeze. Mars in Taurus is practical, determined, and goes by an at-your-own kind of pace whatever that may be. We even have a nice opportunity to anchor our newly liberated individual expression within our relationships March 25th as the Sun makes a grand trine with Saturn and asteroid Juno in fire signs. Now is the time to be initiating new, inventive, creative direction, waypaving and pioneering towards a better world and a better self firmly anchored in balance within ourselves, in relationships, between the masculine and feminine energies on every level in love, because this is springtime and love is in the air. Jupiter turning direct on April 8th is another push towards creative expression and love. Consider this month to be a letting the cat out of the bag! Mercury will combust the Sun in late Aries at this time as well; The individual is being highlighted in all it’s unique brilliance and it can be tremendously empowering as long as we don’t overheat! So long as we keep all our powers in check as to not go off on some kind of roid rage and remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and the responsibility is to be waypaving the most loving way possible we should be in check.[/elements_animation][elements_animation animation_type=’element_from_fade’]

Venus by Jake Baddeley

Venus by Jake Baddeley

April 11th we have our Half Moon in Capricorn and around the same time Venus will move from her natal sign of Taurus into Gemini. Another movement of extroversion, a time of connecting and communicating. Soon after Venus changes signs Mercury moves into Taurus and Venus opposes Saturn. This is certainly the “grounding” descent of the month, a time to be practical and real, face limitations and plan accordingly both in our lives, business ventures and especially in relationships. Relationships are the real measure of not how we are anchoring our brilliant spiritual identities into our actual functioning lives. Our capability to effectively reach people is a measure of how resolved our own inner-balance is and how well we have mastered the language of Love. That mastery might be a good thing to intend on our New Moon in Aries April 18th that is in many respects sealing up this period of individualization and sending us off on our collective journey. With Venus square to Neptune the time of the New Moon we can sow an intention of bringing our highest spiritual ideals into form, into manifestation and into our relationships. It is a reminder to have our individualization always in service of our deepest cherished ideals, our heartfelt desires rooted in Unconditional Love. It is a terrific opportunity to welcome this challenge of anchoring our harmonized integrated selves with the world as this is the means of collectively healing and uplifting this planet into a greater vibration of love. To put an end to the old prison-like structures and authorities that prevented our natural harmony to flourish simply by living the sovereign lives we were meant to live with full faith in our hearts. The only authority we should listen to now is the voice that speaks directly from our hearts, and it says that all the needless suffering is not required. Love says let’s live in the welcoming celebration of what grace can only be shown through our own loving actions.


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