My Journey (so far):

I was born June 19th 1990 at 6:07 AM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of a Christian middle class family. Always deeply thoughtful and anxiously passionate I struggled to find my identity in a culture that seemed to provide me with little I was able to deeply appreciate. School felt like prison, being forced to learn useless garbage I knew possessed little relevancy to me felt like torture. I struggled in school both emotionally and mentally. I felt intelligent but the school system told me otherwise. It was not until the end of my childhood that I began to find my own identity, which in it’s own right was a rejection of everything I was born into. The internet was (and is) my saving grace. It was through researching that I realized I was not the only one to reject my culture. I had a fascination with the 1960s, and it was actually the music of the Beatles that fueled my desire to dive into spirituality and explore my own consciousness. I researched great philosophers and studied ancient mythology. Initially inspired by Timothy Leary, I was lead to Richard Alpert who became the legendary Ram Dass. This would become my introduction to Eastern Theology, Hinduism and especially Bhakti Yoga. I began a period submerging myself into the literature and practices of ancient India including devotional singing, kirtan, which remains my regular practice. Particularly influenced by the Bhagavad-Gita I submerged into the practices of Bhakti. It was around this time (early 2010) that I initially began to take up the study of astrology, initially using the Vedic (Hindu) system. My reason for taking up this study was very simple: I wanted to figure myself out. I had already by this point had profoundly tangible spiritual experiences that had instructed me on universal truths such as: karma, reincarnation, and the nature of the soul being eternally blissful, truthful and free. However I was still massively struggling with myself and my own identity. Although I was practicing celibacy and vegetarianism I felt dark, guilty, impure and I wanted to know my soul’s story, my history, my karma and my destiny in this life. I found out some things in Vedic Astrology, but having no teachers, only books and not a whole lot of practical guidance I found the system too complicated to thoroughly learn. I had fallen in love and my life was beginning to rapidly change. I set astrology down for a year until a friend of mine bought me a Western Astrology book which I found natural, intuitive, simple and visually oriented. I began to study everyone’s charts I could get my hands on and monitored the planetary transits and how they were affecting myself personally as well as others. This became a constant obsession that remains to this day. At the start of 2012 by good fortune I discovered Kaypacha of New Paradigm Astrology and his weekly Pele Reports. I was magnetically drawn to his free-flowing and intuitive style of chart interpretation and that same year began an online astrology course with Kaypacha that would last through 2013. Kaypacha’s classes introduced me to the world of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green of which I am still a devout student. This is what finally answered the questions that began my study of astrology in the first place. The journey of my soul, the significance of my history and how it has lead me to who I am today came into focus. Furthermore, through Evolutionary Astrology I was able to make sense of the darkness and guilt I had previously felt as well as a road map of how to move through it. What Kaypacha interpreted from my own birth chart in 2012 I have considered the initiation of my soul. Since that time I began offering my astrological services publicly and began Rasa-Lila Healing, an umbrella for myself and my astrological work as well as the energy-healing work of my very gifted and loving partner, Mackensey; From whom I have learned so many things I could never have possibly learned from a book.


My Approach to Astrology:

My perspective and practice is very simple. I see that each person is a distinct and perfectly unique individual soul with a deep inherent purpose that is some way is rooted celebration and loving selfless service. Each of us possesses an innate soul-desire which stems from our own heart alone, that is pure, healthy, compassionate and contributing to the evolutionary upliftment of humanity and this world. That does not necessarily mean everyone is destined to become a Jesus or a Ghandi, though that potential may exist. Rather, from the understanding and perspective that all is Rasa-Lila (Divine Dance & Play) it means everyone inherently possesses their own unique way to be, to live, to spiritually connect, to express. There are no right or wrong ways to living life. There are simply fruits born of seed that have inherently beautiful future potential. We are those seeds, each of us has beautiful soul potential, each of us has totally unique talents, truths and traits. Each of us offers a totally unique and perfectly synced voice to the universal orchestra; That is the beauty of life.

My readings and interpretations do not focus on specific predictions or predetermined futures. Instead there is a focus on the soul’s evolutionary journey. So, we do explore in a general sense where we are coming from and where we are going to with the understanding that we come into this life with already established qualities, talents and conditioning. Part of our soul’s journey is to move through the conditioning that keeps us repeating patterns of the past, to step into what is new, unknown, revolutionary and liberating. Much emphasis in my readings is placed on the need to seek inner-balance and integration of all the parts of our being. The birth chart reveals how the different fragments of our personality, represented by the planets relate to one another, what stories they are telling, what potential they possess. What I have found through studying the charts of myself and others is that there is often a theme of duality between our own inherent masculine and feminine energy. We are collectively now coming from a long age of male-dominant patriarchal global culture which is still nearly all-pervasive on this world. The traces of the patriarchy runs so deeply in the total collective consciousness that nearly all of us have become deeply conditioned in this life, as well as those past. The result of this conditioning is a overwhelming focus on our own masculine energy at the cost of suppressing our own feminine energy, men and women alike. The wisdom of the soft, nurturing, maternal, sensitive, emotional feminine energy has been suppressed during the Iron Age of hard, intelligent, forceful, authoritative powers. Even astrology for so long is focused on outward events, what happens in our lives, what we are doing (masculine qualities) as compared to the reflective, emotional qualities astrology can reveal. With all this in mind all of my astrological work is put into the service of seeking the balance and harmony naturally found between the divine masculine and feminine; Another way of saying simply seeking the most loving way.

Evolutionary Astrology reveals that there is in truth no real “good or bad / positive or negative” in life, there is only energy and it’s potential. The potential for positive growth exists both where energy flows smoothly and where it can potentially build up into creative tension. The point is that all tension is in fact creative tension. All of life’s experiences even the harshest and most confining can serve a noble purpose, teach us, allow us to mature in strength, patience and passion. The yearning for love, compassion and empathy initiates us on a journey through pain in order to understand pain and thereby learn to master pain and become a healer of ourselves and others. The birth chart reveals the story and plot of this journey, but we are given free will, our lives are not determined and our capability to choose love is granted to us alone. Our duty as students of this life, students of nature, students of astrology is for us to find the best possible means for us to love ourselves and all others. That in itself is the only way to save the world from disasters that can only result from mankind’s forgetfulness of our own nature (love). So astrology and all the wisdom that comes with it is in fact a reminder of the wisdom we already possess inherently within our hearts and in almost all cases a birth chart reading is not introducing us to what we don’t truly know, but reminding us of what we always have known in our greatest depth.

Other Interests:

I am very interested in the world of plant-medicine, meditation, sound healing, shamanism, and crystals. I am very excited to be a part of the collective movement that is actively discovering and uncovering the world of natural medicine and healing often found in the most wonderfully simple things. I hope to continue to explore blending and collaboration of various forms of alternative healing, natural remedies and energy-work as imagine we are on the cusp of a revolutionary age of rekindling our long-forgotten knowledge of nature.


” – Jeremy 10/19/2017

In dealing with the celestial unknown and making it knowable is a sometimes seeming impossible task, the reading reached profound inner places in my soul which helped make the unknowable knowable. This process, I would suggest, is for people serious about THE mysteries and their place in it. If you want 'play time' antics - go to someone else.

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October 19, 2017

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