Astrology of December 2014


Astrology of December 2014


c5819b36480e6e06f522cf02fb0e2d6dDecember is introduced by Sagittarius Season; A magical time when expansions into new frontiers and adventures marked by feelings of jubilation and grandeur all become possible. However, this year Jupiter turns retrograde on December 8th meaning these experiences are likely taking place on the inside; We are exploring the unknown and creating adjustments to our very own way of perceiving reality, our nature, our philosophy, our understanding. Uranus and Pluto have been shaking and transforming the collective since they began their series of squares, the sixth of seven occurring on December 15th. The shaking up and the the mashing together of all these different cultures, philosophies, religions, wars between nations is very much like a gigantic chemical reaction that continues to draw closer to a boiling point.

Despite what it may seem, what is driving all of these? These wars, political antics, racism, greed? The fizzling and active world causes Jupiter to draw inward on himself and contemplate the meaning of it all. Indeed, it is true that this entire world is driven by ideas, by belief in particular ideologies, our ideas fundamentally exist as fuel for our lives, our purpose. Therefore it is ideas that have the power to create and manifest change in the world, at practically any level. When we transform our very way of understanding, our way of viewing life, our central goals in life, our central desires we transform absolutely everything, the entire outer-world can be changed. This month provides an opportunity to see how this change only becomes manifest when we first change from within.


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twinsThere is always reason too, why we are changing, why we are best often taking our own views into question. We are evolving, our perception of reality is maturing, we are making sense of a world that is not standing still but getting more and more intricate and complicated moment by moment. Jupiter going retrograde in Leo can be alerting us to illuminate and expand on the individual unique gift that is our own truth, our story, our song and simultaneously Black Moon Lilith has just crossed from Leo into Virgo. She is less inclined to boast so unashamed in the spotlight as her focus intensifies, she becomes more hyper aware of her imperfections and she becomes bent on fixing them. She is meticulous in her dissection of the surrounding world, seeing through all the disillusion and rather being hard and cold with the facts. The key with her now is to remember the grace of Neptune in Pisces, that our spiritual expansion is a beautiful and hypnotizing song and we can enjoy every ebb and flow, not taking ourselves or others overly critically. As the energy shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn through the middle of the month it sometimes becomes easy to take the increasingly self-critical approach. With Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius Season it is important to remember that our realities, although shaped by our ideas and beliefs are also always evolving or else they will crumble. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 6th will give us plenty of potential to exchange our ideas with one another and potentially with the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity a potential to debate. We must remember the purpose of exchanging ideas is to learn, to grow, to expand our understanding. Our capability to strengthen and educate ourselves via the vehicle of thought serves only to make us all the better human beings, trained in healing and restoring the planet. This training to heal ourselves and others does not all come easily, there are always challenges that give us the motivation and reason to grow. We must always anticipate challenges and never over-estimate our position from an easy whim of good fortune, or any self-proclaimed grandeur. By remaining grounded in our authentic truth and not parading or crusading but rather sincerely journeying through the mazes and tests within our self we may be pleasantly rewarded with what discoveries we make there.

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 16371_600717513371654_2532095916732965515_nFinally, Saturn journeys out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on December 23rd, meaning that the first part of this month Saturn is hanging on that critical degree on the cusp of mastery, transcendence and transformation. There is a shift of focus occurring as we wrap up our two and a half year period (with a short revisit in June 2015) of getting serious with karmic relationships, deep mysterious and often complex areas of human interconnection. Deepening our understanding of sexuality, taboos, what is mysterious and occult leads us into deepening our understanding of reality, our ontology, our philosophies, our religions. It is time to place the lens of scrutiny on our own belief systems, our religions, our fundamental ways of perceiving the world and bridging it all together. The world now has the task of recollecting and fixing all the shattered, misunderstood and abused pieces of itself. There are hard cold and unavoidable facts that the earth is changing, that we are facing new challenges, that we have new problems needing new solutions that have never previously existed on this planet. The situation is complicated, dense, and entirely unique. Ultimately, this means the only way forward is a brilliant creativity, an inventiveness that can illuminate and expand the consciousness of man beyond another threshold; Another way of evolving into a better more conscious human race. A way of perceiving and existing in a world that is healthy for not only ourselves but all of the new challenges, the entire globe and all of its races and cultures coexisting harmoniously. We all know it is possible, and yet there are still enormous tests and fierce trials humanity is encountering. This is a time we can be tremendously humbled by the quickly expanding and transforming nature of life and simultaneously empowered by the potential of man to gracefully embrace it all and be inspired to create something incredibly profound and beautiful.


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