Astrology of January 2015

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Astrology for January 2015

Balancing Objectivity and Subjectivity in Matrimony

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4a47570a7b00ec7ced52d3d2a1bb939cThe new year has certainly made a dramatic entrance with this last Moon cycle, beginning with the Winter Solstice New Moon taking us into the Cancer grand kite Full Moon there has been some seriously intense transformation. These types of energies really have us feeling pushed, and we may have some freedom to steer the ship around but that isn’t stopping the tidal wave that we are riding this year that will take us into future years. 2015 begins with the sixth of seven Uranus / Pluto squares (the final happening in March) and this week Pluto stands in a square to the Moon’s nodal axis. These aspects signal significant change, and Pluto being a major player especially these first two weeks of January acts as an incredibly heavy, almost inescapable force. Uranus is the revolutionary, evolutionary urge that is always churning and burning with the intellectual fire to expand and share, Pluto on the other hand can be core unconscious issues that hardly seem to ever budge; Repeated karmic themes and experiences that can easily last lifetimes. How fascinating it is to witness these two potent forces interact so dynamically as we notice within ourselves rapid transformation, and yet old karmic issues bleed out slowly to the surface until we inevitably “carve a new way” in our own fundamental nature, and what our root purpose and motivation for living is.

I think it is in many ways a saving grace that we have an upcoming Mercury retrograde (from Jan 21st – Feb 11th) through the sign of Aquarius. While normally I would depict Aquarius as one of the more objective/scientific/stern and matured signs I think in this case it acts as a kind of “mental buffer” giving us a really benign sense of objectivity to be able to truly go inside and “replay the life-reels” in order to process everything as smoothly as possible. Aquarius in many ways functions like a birds-eye view, from outer-space in fact, from which we can make sense of the whole reality before us as a type of topographical map from which it is easy to see the whole picture and chart all its complexities in one portrayal. This spaciness may be a little more disorienting to some then others and all of the Air signs need to take heed that this years Mercury retrogrades will be happening in all three Air signs. The key is to not abuse this cool objectivity but rather use it in harmonious matrimony with the emotional dimension and the upheavals and transformations that are taking place on the personal/subjective level. Another key is the Moon’s north node being in Libra points to balance being a necessary quality through every step we take. When we feel very high (Aquarius objectivity) we need to go very low (Plutonian karma & deep powerful emotions). When we are dealing in a cold exterior (Capricorn Wintertime, duties and obligations) we have to provide inner warmth (Cancer self-nurturance, pampering, and emotional release).

559556_296476933876905_3323279291849535241_nWith Black Moon Lilith in Virgo opposite to Neptune in Pisces, both square to Saturn in Sagittarius this week it is as if we can’t get away with anything and the lid on all of our fantastical dream boxes is being lifted so we can see the contents within granting us opportunity to sort through what is practical and what is merely wishful thinking. Those with spiritual-identities are checking said identities in the mirror and are capable of making revisions, the ultimate potential of these aspects can lead to the to the effective and functional channeling of spiritual/healing emanations into form, true medicine and alchemy. Mars has of today (the 12th) entered Pisces, which heralds the upcoming “whirlwind into chaos” that is every year’s Pisces season. So although the Sun hasn’t yet entered Aquarius by the end of the month there will be a already developing Pisces party between Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Venus. As Mercury begins his retrograde the Mars and Venus will square Saturn and oppose Black Moon Lilith, giving us a window of opportunity to integrate our willpower and social-interactions with others in a spiritually universal and yet practical way. Again, real healing and spiritual devotion can be reignited here. Since we are still learning how to do this perfectly it often means a “self-undoing” of old identity patterns can potentially take place in order to surrender to the soul’s true identity and intentions.

Our Aquarius-season Moon cycle begins next week Tuesday on the 20th at zero degrees of the water bearer. This Moon cycle will be significantly lighter then the one prior in fact the next couple months will may feel ourselves significantly raise up, and speed up into a sort of “surrender and ascension” that is typical of the movement from Capricorn to Pisces. The Full Moon will be in Leo on February third in a grand trine with Uranus and asteroid Pallas Athena in the Fire signs. This next cycle will encompass the integration of our emotional lessons and stories into a newfound sense of identity that is better founded in pure wisdom, the wisdom of our higher selves. With the Mercury retrograde thrown in the heavens want to show us just how we really do fit in, what is our contribution to the greater humanity, what is our truer sense and calling of purpose that is an even better, even fresher, even more ever-expansive then ever before; The Reason to wake up every day in total excitement, bliss and love. When we discover our true identity we see our perfect alignment with the whole. The purpose of our voice is to broadcast our song in a world of songs and we can do so in a transcendentally beautiful way by simply existing harmoniously with others. Simply by broadcasting our individual voice intentionally to the whole we can join in with the collective orchestra which is gradually healing the entire human consciousness; Simply by being ourselves and contributing our part, we can align with movement that is uplifting and ascending the vibration of the planet. [/elements_animation]

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