Astrology of Mid-December 2014


Harnessing the Tides


The Astrology of mid-December 2014

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One thing is certain, the times are changing. The air seems to be teeming with a type of mystical anticipation leading up to this years Dec 21st Winter Solstice. Uranus stands nearly stationary in an exact square to Pluto. Unexpected changes, sudden realizations, spontaneous yells of “eureka’s!” as well as cries of shock ripple throughout the collective consciousness. With the Sun simultaneously being trine Jupiter today this energy is teeming with insight, we suddenly realize we have missed a piece of the puzzle, a key to freedom we had previously not sought opens a door to possibilities previously unimagined. Venus, just having caught up to asteroid Vesta is sextile to Neptune giveing us a glimpse of a dream, how we can live more tightly knit with our beloveds, how to relate more empathetically, how to be further situated in unconditional love; And not only this but how to fuse these beautiful and poetic ideals into precise vision and practical form.



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December 15th is the sixth of seven squares Uranus will form to Pluto between 2012-2015

Despite all the shocking/electrical evolutionary energy being broadcasted by Uranus and Pluto what is taking place is in all reality a force that seeks to find balance rather then displace it. With the Moon’s North Node of fate being exactly in the middle of Libra we not only have Venus to look to but also Pallas Athena who will pass Saturn just as he enters Sagittarius on the 23rd. Pallas Athena, Goddess of justice seeks to balance the disharmony that is nearly all-prevalent throughout all of mankind’s contemporary structures, organizations, laws, etc. The concepts and images fueled by the disproportionately male-dominant world must be exposed for what they are: severely distorted. A push is therefore necessary to displace this distortion in the opposite direction, back on track, where it originally came from, in balance and harmony.

We will certainly experience some rocking back and forth these next few weeks, wide wobbles and quick ones alike. The ebbing and flowing pulls us back and forth over the tremendously large spectrum between where we are coming from and where we are going. It may seem difficult to believe it is possible to make such a large stride as the one we are making evolutionary at this point, but keep good faith. Despite everything that is happening in the outside world, what is occurring within is what we should hone in on now. How do we expect to make ourselves useful externally while we still havn’t figured out whats going on inside? Once we figure ourselves out, what will play out externally will happen automatically; Like the snow melting off the tip of a mountain in the summertime and carrying a river out into the land, the world will get its flow of medicine and goodness once we have melted away all of the fear and pain within ourselves. This is the miracle that can take place at this time as we extend ourselves to be apart of the changes that are rippling throughout the Earth.

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