Pisces Season 2015


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Astrology of Pisces Season 2015

Emerging From Our Metamorphosis




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They say everything changes but change itself, and these are times we may not only nod our head at the thought of that sentiment but really feel it deeply as well. Yes, although the Pisces season is always generally accompanied by some sort of dissolution, letting go of the known and accepting the freefall into the new, this year it is a particularly radical plunge as we move through the final of seven Uranus squares to Pluto that were initiated in Summer of 2012. These energies involving two of the most transformative planets in our solar system acts something like a black hole vortex of constant change that leaves no possible chance of escape until you’re already out on the other end. These next couple months may feel as though we are passing through the center of that black hole, like giving birth to a child, first we acknowledge the new life within us and then with automatic and natural fiery passion we move that baby to the outside and establish it in the world!

It should be mentioned that although the Sun does not move into Pisces until this Wednesday the 18th (the day of our New Moon) we have been swimming with the fishes for the last two months as Mars has been in Pisces since January and Venus since the beginning of this month. These watery energies in combination with the (finally completed) Mercury retrograde has made our experiences confusing and scattered as well as mystical and dreamy. This Wednesday’s New Moon on the Aquarius / Pisces cusp is a culmination of these profoundly deep spiritual energies into a new collective structure as it is potently illustated by the sabian symbol for the exact degree of this New Moon:

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[testimonial name_color=” background_color=” border=’yes’ border_color=” name=” image_link=”]29° Aquarius to 0° Pisces – “Deeply rooted in the past of an ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consiousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis.”[/testimonial]


This New Moon we can sow the seed of intending to bridge our every day lives with our deeper spiritual truth, and live as that truth rather then simply keep possession of it. We have been submerging ourselves in our deeper spiritual aspirations these last weeks but now we are entering a time to prove it’s worth. Venus and Mars having been in Pisces were more focused on beauty, creating art, and selfless service to the collective. This week the two planets of love and desire will transit into fiery Aries and conjunct eachother this Saturday the 21st causing a sudden shift and rebirth into new personal identity and creative endeavor. The seasonal progression from Pisces to Aries is one of death and rebirth, and indeed the mystery of death holds all the keys for understanding life. Though everything changes but change itself, change serves a noble purpose. Part of this purpose is for us to transform and evolve thereby forever improving the state of love, bliss and enjoyment shared and experienced universally and part of this purpose is to reveal to us fundamentally what never dies.

There is a great and ancient secret to accessing the highest potential of what life has to offer us and it is called: Faith. The reason for its secrecy lies in the fact that it does not really seem to make any bit of sense or behave logically at all which makes it thoroughly unattractive to many many people. Indeed, the Fool himself is one who ironically possesses the highest wisdom mankind can attain. He is incapable of being fearful, timid, judgmental or careful… rather he is spontaneous, wild, innocent, free, one with his instincts, eternally embracing every moment as it comes, each an individual and unique leap of faith. That true wisdom is only to be found in our most natural and primordial state, untampered by reason, dogma, or anything other. But there are so many things in our life and our world that encourage us to fall out of our natural state, and so we begin to worry about the past and stress about the future. We get lost somewhere inbetween the ethereal goals we intend in our hearts and the often prisonlike outer-world we find ourselves operating within. How can we live without fear? How can we function in this world and not worry one thing after the next, one day after the next our entire lives? The answer is not so easy as it is not logical: Faith. The Fool knows that although he may plummet through wormholes of change he will live on, his heart will live on, his wisdom will live on.

We will have a Full Moon in Virgo on March fifth, as the final Uranus Pluto square forms within half a degree. The Sun will stand just several degrees from the centaur-planet Chiron in Pisces illuminating our Moon in Virgo not far from her darker companion Black Moon Lilith. This Moon is powerful and mystical in nature, so the sensitive soul and the spiritual aspirant may take heed that there is incredibly deep awakening and transformation to be welcomed, but it is very humbling. The word of advice is to accept such humbling experiences as a means of having our ignorance, false pride and pettiness stripped away so that we find ourselves getting closer to the truth; Because no such things can exist in the presence of truth they gradually do fall away which is ultimately incredibly liberating. The humbling experience here is in relation to the very paradigm that we are leaving and transforming. The Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron remembers the wounds experienced during the Age of Pisces also reflected by Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, the suppressed femininity that suffered throughout the patriarchial age. What wisdom was lost throughout this most tragic recent Age was the wisdom of being connected to nature, being interconnected with our environment, being interconnected and completed with eachother. The old spiritual journey was a lonesome journey. It involved awakening oneself from a world that was condemned as foresaken. As the result of a lack of compassion and wisdom the world has been full seperation and enemies so there were many wars because man became so stressed and so worried that fear preyed upon on him everywhere and he had no desire but to leave this world either as an escape or a sacrifice. But now we enter a time of remembering our primordial wisdom. We can remember our intimacy to this world and to all of our human family. We can awaken our unique service and role that we can selflessly give as an act of healing and love to the world. All that changes and “dies” around us exists only to remind and provoke us into accepting our part as healers and beacons of compassion, acting unhesitatingly from our hearts moment by moment.

This next month is a leap of faith, but understanding what that is makes all the difference. Collectively we are entering a new paradigm of increased emotional awareness and interconnectivity because collectively this is what our souls all yearn for. We yearn for a state in which one is carried and flows naturally without resistance. We worry and fear about change, about what is coming that we don’t know and we can’t understand, we are essentially afraid of our own inherent not knowing. And yet if we can confront this not knowing, and if we can confront transformation, embrace change and the unknown we will find ourselves resisting and clenching up less during this miraculous birthing process. This year can take us very far, as newlyborns tend to grow quickly immediately following their birth. This month also heralds the Chinese New year and the year of the wooden sheep, an omen that by the end of the year we may even see this tumultuous wormhole start to calm to a more peaceful gentle and creative pace. Certainly the Spring Equinox and a Solar Eclipse on the Pisces / Aries cusp come March 20th will be shaking new life into us all, and many new identities, roles, passions, creative endeavors and mass movements can take flight throughout these times!


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