Cancer Full Moon – January 2015


Full Moon in Cancer Opposite Pluto

Renewing & Transforming the Past

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The arriving energy of our upcoming Full Moon is reaching a culminating point these next couple days as tonight the Sun has just moved past Pluto and our Moon has entered Cancer, where She rules supreme and tomorrow at midnight will be fully illuminated in the sign of the Mother and crab. Pluto and the Moon are feminine, they possess qualities that are unconscious in nature, beneath the surface, automatic and instinctual. Also, another highly unconscious and feminine point, Black Moon Lilith stands in  Virgo opposing Neptune in watery Pisces. This may very well feel like we are turned inside out, we may still be going about our day doing the chores and routine interactions but all the meanwhile our guts are spilling out right infront of us. Furthermore with asteroid Pallas Athena T-squaring Lilith and Neptune from Sagittarius there is no doubt that not only are we spilling out our unconscious guts, but we can see it quite clearly.

It is fascinating to see what our insides look like although the “pitch-black” nature of the underworld does not always comfort many of us who have never been taught to even acknowledge such a part of ourself at best, at worst it becoming a part of our self we have feared, condemned and damned. Pluto represents the base desires of or soul, including at its very root our desires for union and separation. Pluto represents the very foundation of our spiritual journey, basic life, security, reproduction, etc. Although many would hardly believe it, such unconscious desires actually manifest, control and destroy our entire experience in our world. They are the pioneering forces of creation that if embraced and mastered fuel all other aspects of life, but if ignored will control and destroy everything in order to pronounce their own existence and make themselves impossible to avoid.[/elements_animation]

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This Full Moon brings up major feelings having to do with the past, insecurities, family, immediate environment. The key to understanding all of these emotions is to simply feel them and this is the only thing truly required of us to integrate these lunar energies to their maximum potential. There is certainly no guarantee that one’s feelings are always pleasant and comforting, but this is not punishment or failure. These are messages being delivered straight from our own unconscious-self. If we can receive them and carefully read what they say accepting their validity, their plead, their call we have the opportunity to transform. Healing is always a form of transformation, there is an acknowledgment of what is, naked, exposed, illuminated and then a call, a plead, a longing for change which is followed by a response; Inevitably transformation does happen and the past is healed into a fresh and rejuvenated future.

So this is in many ways a big review. The past is layed out infront of us and we have an opportunity to see how much of it is still connected to us and our decision making as of now. This type of information does grant us options, and opportunity for freedom; Liberation from our past which can operate like a puppet-master controlling us from behind a curtain with invisible strings. Whatever we do, let us be certain that we are operating fully and consciously in the present and not being persuaded by distant impressions. The way to do this may seem counter-intuitive but it is the only one that works; We must plunge directly into our past, we must confront our unconscious, the inner shadows that drive us from our depths that many of us choose to hide away from in fright. To bring this shadow into the light is to be liberated from all fears and insecurities which are the driving force behind the taboo and thus “creepy” nature of our shadows. To embrace our past is to embrace the fullness of our nature, our whole story, our total history, but it is an adventure in itself to seek out our own depth. It is actually a special treat to catch a glimpse of this part of ourself up close up close and personally if we can do so consciously. It is the opportunity to connect on a much deeper level like never before, to let go of whatever old stones block our hearts from breaking open to what we truly want and who we truly are as loving radiant beings. It is important to remember our inherent innocence and that shadows only ever cry for attention to get us to love our whole being, and the whole creation. Such manifestations like everything else secretly desire to be cradled and held, protected and nurtured, safe and secure. So let us be easy on ourselves, listen to ourselves, listen to our feelings, to the child within and withhold our judgments to simple observe with empathy.[/elements_animation]

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