Pluto in the Zodiac Signs & Houses

Pluto in Evolutionary Astrology – Peering Into Our Unconscious ‘Shadow’

Explore the significance and magnitude of Pluto in your birth chart. This workshop covers Pluto through the zodiac signs and houses of the birth chart from the perspective of evolutionary astrology as it was taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in his book¬†Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1. Pluto in the chart reveals the soul’s evolutionary journey throughout countless lifetimes and what circumstances the soul creates for itself throughout life in order to actualize those desires. The heavyweight of the birth chart, Pluto shows us where there is tremendous gravity and magnetism in our energetic field as well as our own unconscious depth; The majority of the iceberg beneath the water in terms of who we really are, the¬†experiences we’ve gathered, talents and capabilities we’ve acquired as well as conditioning and limitations we’ve constructed. Becoming consciously aware of these dynamics through astrology can be tremendously empowering by understanding how to work with and use this gravity in our lives in a constructive and progressive rather than destructive or imprisoning way.

Includes both video and audio recorded files of the workshop

Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes