Asteroid Lucifer: The Light-Bearer


This lively workshop presented at the ‘Astrology Rising’ conference in Costa Rica is an investigation into the mythology and diverse cultural history of the Lucifer archetype and its correlations in astrology through the asteroid Lucifer (#1930) and the fixed zodiac signs. The intentions and priority of the presentation is as follows:

1) To unravel relieve and undress socially conditioned paranoia and superstition.
2) To understand rich and complex multifaceted archetype in its full string of qualities and as an aspect of nature.
3) To take the asteroid Lucifer through the signs of the zodiac and understand its function in the birth chart.

“I was personally drawn to research and present on this archetype because of how much I found I empathized with his dilemma and how relevant the lessons and teachings associated with both the symbol of Lucifer meaning “light-bearer” and the simultaneous societal slander, prejudicing and scapegoating of the “enemy” which has become a caricature of our current era.”


Download includes full 80 minute video & PDF file of the asteroid Lucifer ephemeris: