Gemini Season 2015


The Astrology of Gemini Season 2015

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Gemini: The magician, the joker, the mind, alchemy, polarity, language, written word, philosophy, travel, friendship, social charm, wittiness, interconnectivity, consciousness, swiftness, technology, curiosity.

Gemini season begins with an abrupt and unusual change of direction with our dear Mercury, the messenger, ruler of communication, technology, travel and of course Gemini turning retrograde. This of course means that this year’s Gemini season (May 21st – June 21st) is due to be even more pronounced, more unusual, more reflective. A retrograde Mercury causes us to think, rethink, rewind and replay old tapes from our mental library, reflecting on the past and generally contemplating everything in existence and for very good reason. 2015 is an intense culmination of profound changes many of which have been ongoing since 2012. There is alot of information to take-in and process! Our recent Scorpio Full Moon may have illuminated some of these themes that have been ongoing with Saturn’s transit through Scorpio that also began in 2012. Thus far, in 2015, Saturn, the planet of scrutiny and force has been warming up in the fires of Sagittarius, challenging our personal perspectives, ideologies and religious beliefs to form a mature and concrete structure in reality. Saturn, now retrograde, is about to move backwards into the slippery and chaotic waters of Scorpio from mid-June to mid-September, a reflection, culmination and completion of his transit through Scorpio from 2012 to the end of 2014. In essence, this Saturn/Scorpio transit (being in a mutable reception with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn) has been about getting real down and dirty with what insecurities, what power issues, what fears prevent us from inhabiting our purest expression of being. These next several months is therefore the opportunity to graduate, to master what may have thwarted us in the past. This Mercury retrograde (May 18th – June 11th) might as well be a preparatory period to learn alot in a short amount of time. We need to rethink our systems, our uses of technology, our scheduling and most importantly our use words to interact and communicate with one another. We want to establish a type of mental clarity that can take us through the rapids of life’s changes and transitions and not have to freak out the entire time. We are essentially mapping consciousness, and this is a noble endeavor because our consciousness is expanding, we are evolving. Our old mental concepts may therefore be challenged, we may be generally baffled by what new and unknown information is brought before us, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Trust in the underlying process will do a great deal to assist us with this mental processessing and contemplation. Beneath all the bits and pieces there is consciousness, there is divinity at play. [/elements_animation]

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Our third week of May sees Mercury turn on his heels on Monday the day of our New Moon in Taurus; An initiation, an intention for solid foundation, abundance and inner-sanctuary that can give us the security we need to be our true masterful selves. We will need the strength and more importantly the faith to be able to return to the solitude of ourselves in contrast to the outer world of chaos and conflict. The third week of May sees two oppositions, one between Venus and Pluto on Thursday the 21st and another between the Sun and Saturn on Friday the 22nd. These two oppositions do bring up a type of conflict and challenge but where resolution can result in the bridging of polarities, in this case Gemini/Sagittarius and Cancer/Capricorn. Polarization and conflict can at least be productive in showing us what our real values are compared to others (polarization makes things more obvious by show of contrast) so long as we don’t chew off anyone’s head in the process. The Sun joining Mars in busy-bee Gemini on the 21st can make us feel “so much to do so little time” however, we will need to remain as flexible and intuitive (go with the flow) as possible in order to ride this Mercury retrograde in Gemini with the best chance of avoiding a meltdown or technical breakdown. Good news is the weekend of the 24th we see Mars aligning into an grand Air trine with asteroid Ceres and the Moon’s north node. This tells us the confidence we need can be found in spoken communication and networking with others, there is a kind of “support the underdog” humanitarian vibe with Ceres, the nurturing mother being in progressive Aquarius.

Monday the 25th is all squares, five total if you take the Moon and asteroids into consideration. We have Venus square to Uranus, Mars square Neptune, Pallas Athena square Vesta, Moon square Saturn & the Sun (Our 2nd Quarter square, Half Moon). Some typical “straight-jacket” like feelings may arise as we push for independence and creativity (Venus/Uranus) and yet all we can do is sit still and tread water (Mars/Neptune) while all the bits and pieces are still coming together. Patience is required, but if we can be flexible that creative passion might find a nice outlet in an unexpected way. It’d be wise to lay low on the caffeine and mental-stimulation with retrograde Mercury being conjunct Mars the following day. We might be best to try and approach this final week of May from a nice “zen” perspective and appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life, focus on that wonderful tree outside the window rather then the calendar and it’s innumerable dates and appointments. Fortunately Venus trines Chiron on Wednesday the 27th creating a warm, homey and compassionate feel that can grant us some inner-security even living through the tornado of contemporary life. We can provide our own safe-space with eachother, and communication and working collaboratively rather then alone remains a passageway to evolution through this month. Although Air signs in particular may want to be aware that there can be the tendency to run one’s mouth and think at the speed of light. The Sun being combust retrograde Mercury in Gemini later in the week (again caffeine is not your friend) can signal overly stimulation and we may want to watch for overstimulating others. To make matters more interesting Mercury/Sun combust squares Neptune at the end of May, now we may be certainly feeling the more confusing/scrambling effects of this Mercury retrograde. There can be a real tendency to not quite assimilate things perfectly clearly, there is an air of uncertainty, a clear direction may not be given. Again, in times like these it’s better to throw up our hands and see where where that tricky and inconceivable universe is taking us next, all we can do is shine and keep shining. A trine between Uranus and asteroid Juno takes us into June, inviting us to explore the unknown and be experimental and a trine between the Sun and Ceres brings opportunity for us to nurture ourselves and others. Let’s invent a new way to relate to one another in order to make sense of any muddiness. [/elements_animation]

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The first week of June is illuminated with the light of a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Full Moon pronounces the polarity between our outer-rational-busy-dissecting-left-brain and our inner-intuitive-freeflowing-right-brain. Mastery of this balance is mastery of our own perception, our beliefs, our particular point of view. An ontology is a system that we use to make sense of the world. Whether it be a religious point of view, scientific, philosophical – it makes no difference, whatever system we use to break apart and comprehend our reality is the system upon which our reality is formed. Thus the power of the mind cannot possibly be ignored on any level, it is at the root of creation. The important note is that the mind is not just limited to the left-brain mechanical and dualistic way of perceiving, the mind can be creative, flexible, imaginative, intuitive, a spiritual tool in itself that can transport us from dimension to dimension at any rate. With this Full Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces there can there can indeed be some dimension-hopping that can really take things for a spin. Our so-called logic may be a whole lot less logical then we may be willing to recognize and our spontaneous intuitive hit-and-runs may also be at times detached from the reality of the timeline in which we find ourself progressing through, bit by bit. This balance of the right and left brain does take alot of practice to get right, especially when we consider ours is a collective effort fighting against the grain of thousands of years of our evolutionary history. Our peaceful inner-connection to Nature has become disconnected from all our frantic distractions found everywhere in contemporary society, as a result we stress, we worry, we senselessly cling to man-made concepts instead of the kind of truth that speaks for itself: Love. Venus forms a trine with asteroid Vesta around the time of the Full Moon and then moves on to trine Saturn later in the week. This is a wonderful opportunity to anchor in that goddess of Love throughout this week, let her be our muse for all our communication, writing, imagining and invention. Mercury forms a second of three grand trines between the Moon’s north node and asteroid Ceres roughly around the same time, once again our communication and supporting of one another as human beings remains the vital tether to security, safety and thus natural blossoming and evolution.

Our first Friday of June Venus moves from the sensitive/sentimental sign of Cancer into the expressive and illuminant Leo and the next day asteroid Vesta enters fiery Aries. There is better opportunity to work productively and creatively now despite Mercury now slowing, throwing our minds for another spin and turning direct on June 11th. There is good opportunity to work collaboratively and creatively with others with asteroids Juno trine Pallas Athena on Monday June 8th. To make this second week of June quite interesting we have an interesting formation between a conjunct Sun/Mars opposing Pallas Athena square to Chiron opposing Black Moon Lilith, a grand kite. Herein is exposed a creative frustration linked to an age-old wound. Black Moon Lilith in Virgo opposing the master healer Chiron is a very deep and profound transit that can take us into the depths of our own story, our personal wounds and crisis and our ‘hero’s quest’ to heal ourselves and this world. Essentially our own feeling/intuitive/one-with-nature was pushed aside in favor of thinking/make-believing/inventing-names-and-labels-nature and that, essentially, hurts. Our feminine free-flowing energy and faculties are bruised, frustrated, and tired of being ignored. This is an opportunity to see how where our own personal wounds are by having the wound touched upon, this might cause an outward reaction or a withdrawing within depending on the person, either way it creates the potential for us to recognize, diagnose and heal ourselves through direct perception, understanding and mastery. There can be a realization, a change of direction this week with Mercury turning direct the same day Neptune turns retrograde. These two planets are interacting the most throughout this month’s Mercury retrograde, we are reflecting in a very deep way, really being challenged to tap into our own unconscious spiritual nature. Neptune turning Retrograde means the next five months will be spent reflecting upon our spiritual nature, our connection, our perception. It is an opportunity to see beyond the smokescreen to see the reality of our ideals, our visions and to attune ourselves to our heart’s most authentic desires. [/elements_animation]

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The third week of June begins with Saturn’s official descent back into Scorpio on June 14th. Issues of insecurity, power, resources, sexuality and intimacy are resurfacing to be scrutinized throughout July and August. Saturn does not let us get away with hiding from reality, from karma, from the whole picture; Despite how we may try to suppress the nasty bits this is the time to have those nasty bits and pieces exposed, served to us on a silver platter. And for good reason: This world has some shadows it needs to own up to if we ever stand a chance to reverse our downward spiral towards apocalypse. Fortunately Saturn in Scorpio can take it for what it is: a call to mature, to get our shit together, to master. Mars conjunct the Sun early this week gives us energy, restlessness even, as well as the opportunity to embody our desires. This conjunction square to Chiron may reveal how such desires may be conflicted or even perverted. Honesty and forgiveness are key things to enact in order to best walk the path of evolution without believing everything out there is out to get us; It is not so, the treachery is inevitably an initiation into Grace. A New Moon in Gemini calls for the encore of our 2015 Gemini season. The New Moon on June 16th coincides with two beautiful grand trines in the masculine elements of Fire and Air. The first between Jupiter, Uranus and a passing asteroid Pallas Athena super-charges the air with spontaneous brilliance. It is as though a stream of “eureka” moments floods the collective mind, and here and there wonderful conversations, breakthroughs, realizations, new forms of learning, expansion of thought is popping up here and there. This week also sees the third and final grand trine between Mercury, Ceres and the Moon’s North Node in Air signs, we can support each other through communication, networking, the internet; All ways of reaching out and spreading humanitarian movements, progress, invention, testing new concepts. A New Moon is always an opportunity to sow a seed of intention, in this case being in Gemini and conjunct Mars there is some very active, restless, brilliant energy with alot of potential. This Sun/Moon/Mars fusion also forms a sextile to asteroid Juno again encouraging creative and collaborative work within our relationships. Gemini is the magician, we can do some real magic on this New Moon that can do as true magic does: heal, invent, bring in a medicine never previously imagined that alters the course of humanity. Let our collective intention be one of learning, sharing, educating ourselves in a new light. Let us invent vehicles and forms of community that transcend the prison-like boundaries of the past. Jupiter trine to Uranus says expansion, evolution and invention is a never-ending process. We are constantly transcending the known, stepping into the unknown, inventing, discovering, making creativity and pure genius a living reality as a testament of the greatness of God, humanity and life. On June 16th and the week following let’s especially intend to live in this ceaseless magical reality. [/elements_animation]

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The first half of June this year is a whirlwind, but there is magic beneath the surface and many of the things that go arye in the beginning have the potential to turn around in unexpected ways, particularly if we can remain flexible, freeflowing and trusting of our attunement to the divine. The interplay between the Gemini/Sagittarius provokes a tendency to search around, connect the dots and share ideas. This contrasting with the Pisces/Virgo polarity being played through Chiron opposite Black Moon Lilith that can go quite deeply into themes of surrender vs. control, the need and potential for medicine and healing that can only occur through the balance of being both anchored in this three dimensional world and simultaneously anchored in the divine, eternal and inconceivable nature of soul and spirit. It may seem impossible to bridge the world of humanly thought with that of soul-nature, but it comes naturally through our own ever-increasing awareness of what is. All of the bits and pieces are already there for us to uncover and inevitably realize how simultaneously little and so much we have control over our lives. Graciously understanding that we have come here to learn incessantly without boundaries, without pass or fail we can be much more forgiving and gentle with ourselves as we go through this process, as we try different routes, encounter different results, make revisions and go on, like a game, but lighthearted and beautiful, full of wonder, ever-beckoning us further into the mystery, calling us to plunge from the known to the unknown. [/elements_animation]

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Much Love,

Tim [/elements_animation]

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