Judgment & The Rope

This past year has been a year of judgment. I have learned more about judgment in the last twelve months then I have ever come to understand previously in my life.

I have judged. I have been judged. I have been dissected and placed into hundreds of diverse boxes. I have had my image defiled, defamed and distributed mockingly to thousands of people who do not know me, but are ready to jeer, ready to condemn whatever gets put into their line of fire. I have witnessed who I thought were friendly people re-appropriate me as demonic, perverted, possessed. I have felt people cringe at my presence, and my entrance into a place considered a threat. I’ve seen my isolation and loneliness interpreted as hatred and lack of empathy.

So many crowds are already lined up, full of righteousness and defensiveness. They have their stones neatly collected to do what they consider the good and beneficial. They justify themselves as warriors against evil. Their enemies are what they consider necessary elimination. Little do they notice the invisible noose around their necks, or the devil which they believe they oppose holding the rope on the other end, patiently waiting with indifference to see if they will choose to walk the plank and if he will need to tighten his grip to keep them connected to the reality which none of us can escape. How sharply the noose tightens as we move away from the inevitability of love and turn our backs to those we condemn; The less fortunate parts of ourselves. The lesson, like an echo that grows louder with each reverberation, becomes more apparent and real through time but always remains the same. The soul of the human being cannot be divided into sections of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ by anyone with a real heart.

There are not good and bad people in the world. There are only wounded children, healing wounded children, and healed children. The majority of us are wounded children, the rest of us are fortunate enough to be healing. Healed children come to us in the form of angels, divine beings, saints and mystics. There are no evil acts which are performed by healed children. All evil is a result of a severe lack of health in some way shape or form. Only a severely wounded child is capable of wounding another child, and out of lonely bitterness feel justified in bringing another down to where they are.

To respond to a wounded child with punishment, to drive the stake deeper into his own affliction and condemn him for the disgusting figure he has become is to impregnate evil with itself; Thereby giving birth to more wounded children and increasing the dangers of the world. Only someone with a flaming white-hot heart of compassion is truly capable of being a healer. Only they can see beneath the facade of the scary or threatening individual, penetrating to the dungeon beneath where the crying and terrified imprisoned child within awaits the love and recognition it does not know how to give to itself. When we say “That terrible thief, that addict, that masturbator, that atheist, that violent man; They deserve what they get, good riddance” we are actually sending out their invitation to follow us everywhere. When we say “That poor soul, that unfortunate stranger, lost in his own home, frightened, confused and missing his parents” we create a golden bridge of compassion that allows the downtrodden, abused and forgotten to become uplifted and the wounded children of the world to become healed.



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