Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct. 10th 2017 – Nov. 8th 2018) – Illuminating the Mystery & Depth of the Unknown

Art: Steven Kenny

At last, Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio…Our awareness sinks…Descending into the water…Submerging into the richness of the deep…Where the low-strings hum the passionate locomotive of the deep heart to life…Through the next year we can expand beyond our comfort-zones, we can transform our awareness, we can illuminate the mystery, the darkness, the unknown…” (Art Above: Steven Kenny) 

Here and now, we are discussing Jupiter’s ongoing transit through the sign of Scorpio which is occurring between October 10, 2017 and November 8th of 2018. Every planet in our Solar System represents a facet of nature, as well as a fundamental, psychological process of our own humanity and our own human nature. Jupiter represents the function of expansion, illumination, our own awareness, our capability to learn, grow, and expand.

Jupiter is essentially our own ontology, our own perspective, and perception of life that is made aware by our own observations of life, as well as our own beliefs. Jupiter is where we come in tune and become made aware of universal principles, natural laws, what it means to be a human being, our connection to the Earth and to the Universe is found through the illuminating, expanding, searching, adventuring and exploring function of Jupiter. Jupiter gives us that sense that life is an adventure. It is that positive sense of exuberance and expansion that the new horizon can always be explored and there’s something always to be learned.

Whatever sign Jupiter is transiting through is what we are learning as a collective. It’s where illumination and expansion is happening as Jupiter is the great teacher; in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology, affectionately known as guru. Jupiter is where we are learning what we are exploring and where our consciousness is expanding through an illumination of our own nature and consciousness which is this awareness perspective, learning and growth principle of Jupiter. Jupiter has roughly a 12 year orbit, which gives it really nice, roughly year-long transits of each of the twelve Zodiac signs. This transit of Jupiter going through Scorpio is also one of the characteristics and main themes of the year of 2018.

Jupiter now entering Scorpio, transiting out of the sign of Libra; Jupiter, our awareness, our perspective in the journey of descending, down into the depths, the watery mysteries, the thick, rich, and oftentimes complicated and mysterious waters of Scorpio. Scorpio is the facet, the area of life where we meet the most mysterious, the most hidden, the most buried and oftentimes, the most powerful, overlooked, and sometimes considered taboo places in life. Indeed Scorpio is the unknown, it is the mystery. It is the depths of our own unconsciousness. It is the unknown that remains to be explored in our own nature and in our own world and universe. Jupiter, being that illuminating light where we are doing teaching, expanding and growth is like a candle flame descending into the mysterious catacombs of Scorpio. In other words, 2018 is a year of exploring the unknown, our own learning and growth is reaching into some of the most shadowy depths and fringe-y areas of humanity and consciousness, so to learn and expand by making the unknown known.

This concept of making the unknown, known and exploring our own unconsciousness, which is really the majority of the iceberg beneath the water is one of the main intentions of evolutionary astrology which is very Scorpio and Pluto-centric focused upon Scorpio, (Be sure to check out: Pluto I & Pluto II written by Jeffrey Wolf Green) our own unconsciousness with the understanding that as we explore the unknown, as we explore our own unconscious tendencies and nature, we become aware of what was previously unknown and therefore, become empowered by tapping into the vaster, greater, more powerful nature of our own soul. (5:23) Scorpio is also the sign of transformation. Scorpio is the evolutionary fusion reactor of change and transformation where we have the greatest potential to evolve and transform in the shortest amount of time, typically through intense ground-breaking and oftentimes, exciting tumultuous experiences.

Truth Rising From Her Well To Shame Mankind

Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind by Jean-Léon Gérôme

Scorpio oftentimes also has to do with addictions, obsessions, passions, attractions, repulsions, phobias, sexual fantasies, desires which are mysterious, which are unknown, which have their roots in things that go very much beneath the surface and we all have the opportunities to be like detectives searching our own consciousness, searching our own nature, getting to the root of these mysterious desires, these taboos, these addictions. So on and so forth, which can lead us very deep into our own childhoods, or even potentially into past lives.

So this year of Jupiter going through Scorpio is a year of disclosure. It is a year of the unknown being made known. It is a year where all that was previously swept underneath the rug now becomes plainly observable to the naked eye. I recommend generally that we don’t sweep everything under the rug, that we be honest about our own desires, our own unconscious tendencies or addictions, even if they are not totally understood or explained. And oftentimes, we can feel guilt or inadequacy or shame about these parts of our self. And often times, people don’t want to explore these things. Say you have a mysterious phobia; well, typically we don’t want to explore our phobia, we never want to think about it. But in never exploring our phobia, it therefore controls us. (9:36) And by being made aware of it, we have the possibility to heal and to move through these phobias. Similarly if we have a wild, kinky sexual fetish that is unknown or, you know, is mysterious, we may not naturally desire to dissect and study and observe and become psychoanalysts of our own pleasure and desire. We might rather run away or escape into these desires or pleasures, but by making these desires apparent, by exploring them, by discovering what they are connected to, we uncover our true desires which can go very deep into past lives, early childhood, and to then again, we become empowered. Our phobias, our kinky fetishes, our desires that are strange and inexplicable all tell stories about who we are, can be connected to our soul’s desires and can therefore be very empowering in understanding the root actual reasons as to why they exist and their symbolic nature as to why they exist.

Things become very symbolic in consciousness. Sometimes we can’t understand parts of life because we’re looking at it from a literal interpretation, rather than a deeper, metaphysical or symbolic nature and certainly this next year, we have the opportunity to expand our consciousness in understanding the deeper, more underlying symbolic nature of reality. This leads us into magic. This leads us into healing, into tantra, into sexual healing, into exploring the world in such a way, to become empowered by understanding how we can become vehicles of transformation of our own consciousness and of our own world. We are having the opportunity to discover teachings, teachers, tools, modalities, philosophical truths and understanding that allows us to actually take control of our own lives, our own being and consciousness by transforming which is again by making the unknown known; making our unconscious, conscious in which case we become empowered by connecting to the deepest and most powerful potentials of our own soul.

Jupiter in Scorpio gives us a psychic type of awareness and attunement that is like having ethereal tentacles reaching out and penetrating into the surrounding environment, surrounding world, people, desires, etc. And in that, there’s an opportunity to explore our own hidden motives, desires and become more intimate with our own truth, with the symbols and the things that really affect us as well as, of course, being more intimate in our relationships, in our partnerships. Scorpio’s the sign of intimacy, we are exploring sexuality to its utmost depth this next year. And I’ll tell you something about sexuality, sex is everything. Everything inherent from nature is sexual, whether it be the creation of stars and planets, full moons, new moons, to during springtime, the whole Earth having an orgasm and all of the plant life releasing its spores impregnating the Earth with new life. Everything in nature and Earth and life is sexual and we can explore this dual, sexual attraction, repulsion, coming together, the desires that are powerful, obsessive, penetrating desires and why do we have these desires? What is it leading us into? And this is where things get messy (14:51) and this is where things start to merge.

Libra (sort of) is where we go on our first dates with our partners. We get ice cream cones. It’s all love and fun. And then we move into together in Scorpio and we have our resources become joined together and things get complicated. As unconsciousness and shadow bumps up against unconsciousness and shadow and through partnership, we make ourselves aware of our own unconscious nature, behaviors, desires and potentials by bumping those things up with others because we can’t see our own unconsciousness. We can’t see our own shadow. It’s oftentimes our most intimate relationships and partnerships, where this type of intense, deep, and transformative, evolutionary work happens in the most poignant way.

So transformation is Scorpio and transformation can be intense. It can feel like we’re in the flame being shaped like molten metal in the fire. It can feel like we are a gem being polished in the tumbler. And I invite you to see change and transformation that way, in such a way to really rewrite the old age definition of hell. Hell means transformation. Hell means change and evolution and it’s through oftentimes these intense coming together and explosions of unconsciousness that we learn and grow the most and most importantly. Hell is not punishment where we pay for our sins. Hell is where we transform and through intimacy and relationships, we invite each other, those that we love the most, our beloveds, we explore our own hell, our own unconsciousness, our own deepest, darkest, shadowy parts of our self and in that, have the opportunity to evolve and change through having loving personalities that at first, we are attracted to, in order to do that deeper exploring and evolve throughout time into our greatest power as souls.


‘Black Madonna’ by Arabella Proffer

As Jupiter goes through Scorpio, we are having clarity brought to some of the most mysterious parts of life, the most taboo parts of life, the most fringey parts of life. People with natal Jupiter in Scorpio are natural sorcerers, magicians, taboo-busters, and boundary pushers that explore and push on the node in order for discoveries and revelations to be found. Scorpio has to do with death, drugs, sexuality, the occult, magic and all of these areas can be more so explored so to actualize and discover the tools, the techniques, the understandings, the TRUTH of our own human nature to come into our greatest power which does get complicated. It does get fringey. Good and evil come from the same source. The human being has free will to do whatever we will. That is our God-given capability to be catalysts of change in our world which means taking accountability for our own nature, our own situation and then seizing the opportunity to change and transform these things which we do have to be aware and careful in doing. Yes, we are all going exploring the unknown, we’re doing spelunking, bringing candles into the dark and we also have to be aware of the repercussions that we don’t go too fast, too far, overlook too much, or become too brash, but rather allow our self to do this descending into the depth of our consciousness and become empowered into a type of fearlessness. I can take control, I can change these situations and I can do it in a way which really honors my truth, my consciousness and others in a self-empowering way. This is what it means to be a white magician is take control. Be a powerful soul. Don’t wait for the rest of the world to do it for you. But allow your change and transformation to bring you into alignment with the deeper truth, the deeper understanding, the nature, the harmony, the beauty and balance of life.

Jupiter going through Scorpio is also an opportunity to expand into the realms of death or ancestry; getting in touch with the Earth, getting in touch with our root chakra, what connects us to the center of this earth, this fiery magma, hot area of life coming from beneath us. We are informed by the Earth. We are informed by what’s behind us or beneath us or in the past, our ancestors. This is illumination of these, you know, in-between, marginal realms. Um. This is voodoo. You know, so much focused upon ancestry and Earth spirits and think about how taboo voodoo is. It’s become a demonized religion. Uh, there’s still crusades going on, uh, you know, in Haiti and these places saying, oh, they’re devil worshipers by working with Earth spirits, working with the ancestors. No, once again, these are parts of our own unconsciousness, parts of our own nature and we can become empowered by working with our own unconsciousness.

It’s actually when we repress, when we disconnect from our own desires; when we say, oh, I’m not that desire. Oh, look at all those nasty, bad people. Oh, look at the illuminati ruining the world. Everybody else is bad. I have no darkness in me. It’s that type of dishonesty and denial which actually creates demons. Because we suppress, we deny our own unconscious desires and then fragment from them, we become disassociated from our own fragmented desires. Aah! We get scared by them. We say, “oh, demons are attacking me, they’re attacking me in the darkness” and so on and so forth. But’s it’s actually by exploring the unknown, exploring the dark and being honest; a key word for Jupiter is honesty of our own shadow…key word for Scorpio, our own unconsciousness, by being honest and transparent about these selves, about these parts of ourselves, we become fearless. We become intuitive and the rest of the world becomes transparent to us by our own permitting ourselves to be transparent to the world. That’s one of the hidden wisdoms of Jupiter in Scorpio so we can be connecting with ancestors. We can be changing our truth, our reality, to come into greater power and the capacity to be catalysts of change in our world.

Scorpio also has to do with nuclear radiation, the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto was discovered around the time of the discovery of the atom bomb. We can be learning about the affects of nuclear radiation, how we can be working with it for good or ill. We can be becoming more aware of the radiation of our Sun and how that can be affecting Earth weather, hurricanes and earthquakes, so on and so forth. This can all be a part of that exploring adventure of Jupiter going into the deep end and of course with nuclear transformation, radiation, it’s, it has to do with mutability, taking and transforming the most fundamental molecular parts of our own reality.

To really change and transform our own ontology, our own awareness and perspective of life, to be most in the service of our quickest, fast-paced, most practical and useful transformation and evolution in this world as the next year can have a lot to do with waking up to the reality of our own personal situation as well as the situation of our planet and life on Earth.

In this regard, I am wishing all the best to all of us as we are the plunderers, the detectives, the explorers of the deep end, the mysteries of life.

Jupiter Aspects in 2018

Jupiter Trine Neptune (December 2nd, 2017, May 25, 2018, August 19, 2018)

While Jupiter is in this mystical trine to Neptune, we are more open to the psychic sensitivity of Scorpio. We can really be tuning into what’s going beneath the surface, this is an opportune time for mysticism, for religious practices, for magic, really tapping into the unseen dimensions again, those ethereal tentacles reaching out and penetrating into and through, surrounding people, environments, symbols, understandings, everything becomes more transparent and more sensitive, more mystical and more rich with the mystery of life during this Jupiter/Neptune. We are particularly the mystical detectives of life, we are more attuned to the psychic awareness and we can really be tuning into our dreams, our, you know, the symbols of life and uh, really find this, this purpose, this underlying mystery and passion which can really tune us into this mystical depth of life. That’s a really beautiful, uh, very expansive, um, you know, opening of so many possibilities and so many unseen places through this illumination going on the end of 2017 and also mid-2018.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto (January 15th, April 14th, & September 12th 2018)

Jupiter sextile to Pluto which really amps up the Scorpion transformative evolution of our own awareness, of our own perspective, of our own understanding of life. We can really be digging into our own unconsciousness, we can really be digesting our own and other people’s hidden motives. And it’s this period of intensity where we can amp up the, our own transformation of our own ontology, perspective, really digging into our truths, into our religions and evolving them in such a way to become aware and self-empowered of our own nature, of our own humanity.

Jupiter Trine Chiron (November 1st 2018)

Now towards the end of 2018, Jupiter is going to trine Chiron as Jupiter finishes its transit of Scorpio, moves into his own sign of Sagittarius toward the end of 2018 where he will continue being the teacher in his own sign of Sagittarius, intuition, learning, expansion, growth. In trine to Chiron, as Chiron is moving into Aries, and there’s a real opportunity to become aware of our own healing journey, be made aware of various tools, techniques, healing modalities that we can apply to our life as this is initiation of our continued journey of Chiron moving into Aries, the healing of our own willpower, our own confidence to initiate our own direction, and it is a healing of the warrior. We’re really being made aware of what growth, what expansion and what healing endeavors need to be initiated toward the end of 2018 while Jupiter completes its transit of Scorpio.

Jupiter Retrograde (March 8th – July 10th 2018)

Jupiter will station in March at 23° Scorpio and then retrograde back to 13° Scorpio in July of 2018. While Jupiter is retrograde our inward investigation will be particularly introverted and self-reflective and there will also be opportunity through such self-reflection to break away from older superficial goals and beliefs and explore new philosophies and truths that integrate and depth and respect of the complexity of life.

Jupiter is in a balsamic phase to Saturn which means that Jupiter is approaching Saturn and is going to pass Saturn at the very tail end of 2020 at 0 degrees of Aquarius. These next several years, now through 2020, we can really be waking up to a lot of global situations that are going to be calling us to find new solutions, create new nationalities, new ways of dealing with world as societies, as cultures and nations and really re-birth this world so that way we can be aligned with our greatest human ingenuity and journey of learning and expanding. And so there’s a lot going on in our world these next several years that can be a part of this personal, as well as global healing that is really evoking and initiating us into our power to take control of, lead, and initiate new dimensions in reality, being the spiritual warriors and healing again our capacity to initiate, carve our own direction and uh, use our own willpower to, uh, find solutions that are going to be needed in our world and our lives going forward.

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