Kali, Mother, Loves All of Her Children – (Sun conjoined Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio)

Rejoice in wonderful fear, celebrate wonderful passion. Dance upon the flames which lick upon stinging heels. The heat increasing, the vibration growing in intensity; A quickening. Snakes of seething red and white climb up feet, legs, to thighs, root to naval. The blessed blood of life, the grace of the Mother, brings life renewed and refreshed.There is nothing more gracious than woman. Yet her power creates the earth anew as does the volcano; Violently pushing aside the old skin to birth the seething and fresh, liquid and undefined prospects of another world. Her’s is the sword to cut the veil and reveal the hidden, to divide one into two, two into four, to multiply, to transform mystery into reality; The endless dance; The breath on Her lips animating and quieting the life of existence.

Blessed are woman. Woman, woman in the heart of man, hear your call, the time has come to shed the husk of another old skin. It is time to push aside the dead and molded tree under which you were long buried and slept. It is time to push aside the frozen earth and fill it with your molten warmth; The irresistible potency of compassion. You will be opposed by the scorching rays of the sun, you will be mocked by the whirlwinds of the long past yet still cycling impressions of ancient times. But you, woman, cannot be undone by the songs of natural seasons and rhythms that eternally sing praise of your existence; We are blessed, for you are here.


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