Love of Evolution

It’s very interesting how our collective concepts can be so generalized that we thoroughly miss some of the qualities that makes a thing what it truly is. We can glance at something, have our pre-ordained conclusions flicker in our minds, and then look away before we actually clearly see what we are looking at. We are so comfortable in what human discoveries have already been made that we accept at face-value that it’s all totally true, complete, the best we can do.

What may help recondition our false security when it comes to lacking conclusions is simply understanding evolution; That we are going through a process, NOT complete. Our understanding of the world is unfinished, our understanding of ourselves is unfinished, our understanding of some of the most basic principals of reality is totally unfinished. There’s less of a threat of becoming deluded by a sense of false-security when we keep the “fire of dissatisfaction” lit beneath us and in our hearts keeping us ever-moving, ever-digging, ever-observing, ever-searching and never bewildered into believing that just any pit-stop along the road is our highest capability to anchor heaven on Earth.

The consequence of living in the present moment is that we are always being invited to step towards the future from the past. Today we attempt to understand reality and the Mystery of Love. Tomorrow we will understand it better, but only if we let go of the last “moment” and accept that the next “moment” might contain something totally revolutionary. Though our prior notions may be torn asunder as we seek to understand anything in truth self-improvement isn’t as much a pain when we don’t fight against it.

How well we “honor the truth” has nothing to do with how confident we are in what we already comfortably know. “Honoring the truth” is the divine act of taking the plunge; Becoming the living symbol of an ever-deepening pool of mystical wisdom like a black-hole is a portal to another dimension rather then a tape-recorder version of human history, repeating, repeating and repeating what is assumed to be the best there is without even bothering to look deeper. We are so often distracted by the lights surrounding the entrance-way that we freeze and forget to enter.


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