Exploring Your Birth Chart by Observing the Moon

Learn Astrology through direct and tangible experience!

This full-participation workshop is Saturday, July 29th at 1:00pm EST (and will be recorded for those who cannot attend) as a great introduction to astrology – but is applicable to all. We will be using the Moon to learn astrology by comparing your own daily life, emotions and experiences with the transits of the Moon and bring the planets and archetypes to life so to learn through your own journey, observations and experiments rather then through simply reading or hearing about the techniques.

We will likely be using personal chart examples in this workshop and you will have an opportunity to volunteer when you register.


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Workshop will include discussion on:

• The art of timing by observing what planets are influencing the Moon.

• Tapping into planetary energy & feeling into personal planets through the Moon.

• The nature of Moon transits and how new and full moons affect one’s own chart.

• How to uncover dynamics and themes in your own birth chart by observing the transiting Moon.

• How the Moon is influenced and creates aspects to other planets.

• How to uncover “hot spots” or “trigger points” where the transiting Moon or other planets trigger certain dynamics.