Tracking the Moon in astrology to learn through direct and tangible experience!


This online workshop begins on Saturday, July 1st at 1:00pm EST (and will be recorded for those who cannot attend) as a great introduction to astrology – but is applicable to all. We will be using the Moon to learn astrology through first-hand, direct personal experience. The purpose of this class is to provide techniques, tools and resources to be able to compare your own daily life, emotions and experiences with the cycles and transits of the Moon so that astrology can be learned through your own observations and experiments rather then through simply reading or hearing about the techniques. In other words, we will be bringing the inner and the outer world together! This is one very real way to empower ourselves through cultivating a deeper connection with life itself.

Workshop will include discussion on:

  • How to interpret New & Full Moons
  • The eight lunar phases
  • The Moon through the zodiac signs
  • Tuning into the rhythms of Nature
  • Mastering the art of timing
  • Moon aspects to the other planets
  • The significance of the zodiac sign of Cancer
    • The role of the Moon in the natal chart
  • The Pluto Polarity Point transiting Cancer (2008-2023)
  • Tuning into the emotional body
  • What it means to “hold space”