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Astrology certainly isn’t all it appears to be. What may be the caricature revelation for anyone who delves into the study of astrology or their own birth chart is the exposing of deeper and deeper layers of understanding in ourselves and our relation to the universe, revealing great implications that lie beyond our capability to approximate. Our relationship to the universe is both immeasurably perfect and profound as well as infinitely complicated and dense. To summarize the vastness of the nature we are discussing one has to transcend normal patterns of awareness and typical ways of thinking. To summarize ourselves and our relation to the universe by calculating the positions of the planets and drawing simple geometrical shapes may easily purport into misleading conclusions. The wisdom required then when both giving and receiving astrological interpretations is not to attempt reaching a solid conclusion at a glance but rather keep ourselves open and always diving deeper into the mysteries that are ever unfolding.

astroHow it is that the planets take an effect on the course of our lives and our personalities is a mystery. The profoundness of this mystery can take us all the way from a dubious speculation to a total revolution of our very consciousness and how we perceive the world. To say it is all energy, we are all connected and therefore we (including the planets) influence one another would be a true statement although too simple to satisfy the inquisitive mind. To attempt to break apart the energetic frequencies created by each planet and scientifically justify their influences via old models and methods would prove unconvincing. There is without a doubt something very profound happening here, but to try and understand astrology outside of the science of astrology itself is like attempting to taste foods using every organ and body part except the tongue. Astrology actually possesses the meaning of its own nature within itself. Hidden beyond all the early conclusions and mental speculations the answers are there lying right in front of us waiting for those patient and determined enough to find them.

The truth is there is so much we do not know, and what wisdom is ours is but the remnants of what greatness existed before; The wisdom inherent in nature itself. It is not new inventions that makes advances in astrology so powerful but advances in understanding. Our existence on this planet as souls with minds inhabiting bodies and interacting with other soul/mind/bodies is so inconceivable in its essence we need as much help from nature to decipher what we are and what we are doing here. That is exactly where astrology comes in: To bring us newfound clarity in a world where clarity is rare beyond anything else.

559556_296476933876905_3323279291849535241_nShould we have anything to gain from the science of ourselves and our relation to the universe it is to find the nature, the rhythm, the season, the dance in our everyday existence. It is to find the origin of all we do and feel whether it be external or internal, tangible or ethereal; There is an original purpose and drive of what we experience and discovering that purpose is the means to clarity, peace and true enjoyment. To see beyond the mundane dramas of what our minds perceive in day-to-day life and penetrate into its essence which is far beyond mundane and limiting is the means not only to liberation from misery but also the way to awaken deep appreciation and wonder for what is.

Without a doubt wonder is a principal symptom of those who are awakening to the truth of our relationship with the universe. This relationship, should we make it a priority in our life, will inevitably lead us off the edge of what we used to assume. The door is open to us now to get beyond the place where we used to be for so long, the illusory world of shadows and preconceived fantasy. Now is the time for us to take the next step in our plunge; Likened to the first time man discovered fire, man has stared into the depths of space and in turn has found himself.


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