Neptune on the Moon’s South Node in Pisces

Neptune on the moon’s south node in Pisces this week is pulling from the depths of the collective unconsciousness many of the unhealthy beliefs that prevent our collective from evolving forward. When any planet is conjoined the south node of the moon it reveals karmic necessity; Things that must be relived in order for realizations to be made and evolutionary growth to occur. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, boundlessness and ideals, beliefs, it is positively associated with the creativity of the ethers; Divine poetry, angelic sight, the nature of the eternal and undefinable soul. Negatively Neptune is the planet of delusion, escapism, hopelessness, confusion, victimization, blind faith and naivety. He is the mysterious fog-machine and ocean of consciousness which contains within him the mystical potency that both reveals the divine truth within all things, and deceives us into believing the truth is something completely other then what it actually is. With Neptune joining with the south node this suggests the ladder for the purpose of bringing these negative qualities which have existed in the past to the forefront so we can clearly understand them and then become inspired to change these patterns into something new as we move into the future. Neptune or Poseidon is also the lord of the ocean, of water, what we humans are essentially made more then 50% of.

To exemplify this transit we have the North Dakota oil pipeline being constructed through an Indian reservation which will be the 9th pipeline to traverse beneath the Missouri river further endangering the critical resource of water on this planet. Despite this fact the collective beliefs make it permissible to extract crude oil and send it thousands of miles under rivers through pipes. Even the notion of global warming or the endangerment of killing off the natural resources and inhabitants of this planet does not seem to be accepted by a large portion of the population. Adhering to the non-environmental agenda is the USA’s president-elect Donald Trump. As Mars moved into Aquarius immediately upon the US election thousands of people also took to the streets protesting the president-elects accusations of being racist and misogynistic. Acts of hate-crimes and racism were also exhibited favoring the results of the presidential election by people who were essentially celebrating a victory of their beliefs. All of these events are exhibiting beliefs which have already existed for thousands of years that are preventing us from moving forward and evolving into a healthier, more alive, more functioning planet.

In addition to having the collective opportunity to bring these dynamics to the forefront, address and change we can also be individually experiencing, feeling and living through situations that are tied to Neptune. We may be feeling chaotic, hopeless, confused, that life is a dream, surreal, depressed, victimized, powerless to life itself, a leaf in a hurricane. The feelings can be intense, and we may be exasperated, lethargic or low on energy due to immensity of the redundancy and depth to which these phenomenons goes both in our world and in ourselves. What is being illuminated and removed are the things which disempower us, those things which confuse us from recognizing our true spiritual nature, what distracts us from true beauty and what keeps us disembodied and unable to stay healthily anchored to our planet Earth. With Neptune stationing direct this week and completing a cycle to the south node a critical point of opportunity to realize new goals, and new orientations towards reality that can actually allow us to reach our ideals can be sown and we have the opportunity to rekindle a deeper relationship with what actually matters the most.



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