On Mechanical & Holistic Astrology

The various techniques of predicting the future though possessing value I find are one of the most unfruitful aspects of what astrology can offer. Or, perhaps better said, the most renown aspects of astrology tend to be the least actually useful in a deep way. As a result the popular usage of astrology perpetuates its own stagnation and limitation when it could be one of the greatest contributions to our human evolution.

Understanding the most fundamental facets of nature can know no limitation for its usefulness and applicability in every far corner of life on a moment to moment basis. The same fundamental patterns can be recognized and cherished as a means of recognizing ourself and our passing through symbolic vistas of time and space. This is recognition of the most fundamental primary colors of creation and the understanding of how their various combinations create the vast intricacies of all life itself is what astrology truly is at its core. This is very different from gathering various mechanical techniques used to measure and predict limited windows or determined outcomes from the narrow perspective of what should or should not be based on a set of inorganic variables (not that it can’t be done).

urania3The beauty of astrology is that it is a science; It is a means of recognizing the order and structure of beauty as well as the sweet indescribable fragrance of it. The closer we get the the fundamental core and source of life the more rich and beautiful as well as difficult to capture and dissertate life becomes. The true astrologer can weave between that core beauty, the fundamental dance of life, and the seemingly trivial details of our complicated yet mundane living. Yet the hyper-focus on particular techniques, outward mechanical or purely man-made “tricks” that determines set outcomes does not necessarily have to involve this deeper kind of weaving whatsoever and can lead to a disembodied way of getting lost in the static fuzz of rules and regulations that have lost connection to their inherent meaning and purpose in nature.

The potential of astrology is the total reuniting of the largest and smallest, the brightest and darkest, most significant and insignificant. It is an illumination of the future, not in the simply predictable or deterministic sense, but in exposing the greatness of mankind and the world in ways that have not yet been recognized. It holds the keys to the ever-spiraling and evolving relationship life has with itself, so that humanity and the creation can celebrate its nature in ever-deepening and ever-increasing significance. Not only the measured results, or the set variables change as we align ourselves with specific seasons and times of occurrence, sowing and reaping, rising and setting; But also our very core intentions have the possibility to change, the very questions we ask, the way we perceive life itself, the self-image we and others have created, ALL have the possibility of changing in the deepest most incomparable way once astrology is wholly recognized, and not settled for cheaply, as existing as one of the greatest mysteries and truths of life.

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