Permanent Unveiling

Men are pretty thoroughly predictable creatures. However, when God is present (in the universe) then evolution is happening… Evolution makes predicting the future impossible. If we’re using tools and observing patterns that are only going to continue evolving into the future then we can never absolutely know what the future holds.

It’s interesting to note how this same God, which is really Evolution in Itself also therefore guarantees that hell is impossible: Hell being a lower-nature we can never escape or evolve from out of. Isn’t it interesting that therefore Evolution is really a guarantee of universal Love? That nothing truly has to stay in any given form longer then it realizes there is something better to transform into? Evolution is really the tangibly existing Love proving Itself to be the supreme governing force of reality through it’s own existence.

If we combine the fact of evolution with the fact that “energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another” I don’t understand how it is difficult to physically see ourselves as eternal beings always changing forms and sharing in a reality governed by Love guaranteed by it’s own Nature… It can be directly felt and witnessed… It’s a tangible Mystery, a conclusive one, not murky or anti-climatic… Men might get predictable and stale but only when they lose touch with the reality we can’t ultimately avoid; We will inevitably evolve as will our definitions of Life & Love, guaranteed by Life and Love.

Art by Jake Baddeley

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