Taurus Season 2015


The Astrology of Taurus Season 2015

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There has been so much that has happened since our solar eclipse March 20th it is hard to believe that it all took place within one month’s time. The Sun entered Aries the day of the eclipse and has since gradually transited the first zodiac sign of Aries: Ruler of birth, initiation, independence and individuality. Of the body Aries rules the head, typically the first part of ourselves to be born into the world. It makes sense then that the recent high-charged and excited energy has had us focused on what the heck has been taking place within our own particular situation, experience, reality, etc. this past month. Indeed within each of our head’s is a unique universe. The first two signs of the zodiac, Aries and Taurus, are very much about us getting situated in our own little vessel, getting our current tasks underway and immediate environment secured. So long as we don’t become overly fixated to the point of freezing this can be a very good opportunity to focus on what we need to and make it all happen ourselves by ourselves with no questions asked. April 18th we had a New Moon in Aries that in many ways was the closing and completing of the recent eclipse-season and an encapsulation of the recent changes, realizations and breakthroughs into one simple definition; We give is form. The greatest most empowering things can be the most obvious and thoroughly self-explanatory; Sometimes we just need to love ourselves for who we naturally are.

There is a certain amount of settling that comes with this New Moon, especially being followed by the Sun’s movement into the earthy and grounded sign of Taurus. We may have seen some interesting things arise this year already but we continue to move on, ever-steadily, implementing these things practically into our lives, making them a reality, creating a momentum that has already picked up speed and is now propelling us forward. Like jumping aboard a moving train, the recent excitement has kept us in an instinctual sprint but now we find ourselves in a new environment, the direction is defined and we are already underway. With Mars being in an earth trine with Pluto this first week of Taurus-time there is not a whole lot that can stop us from doing what we need to do; Energy, ambition and drive is in no shortage and with Mercury passing Mars the 22nd clarity of mind and focus can also be positive aspects of this time as well as penetrative insight to our own and others desires. With respect to the natural square between Leo and Taurus so long as we don’t become over-inflated with self-entitled stature or be ruthlessly stubborn to the point of dumb ignorance there is alot of potential for a good solid push in a productive way.[/elements_animation]

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Art: S. Rankin.

The final week of April we have the Sun T-squaring two asteroids, Ceres and Juno which rule over our capacity to nurture ourselves and relate with others and the challenge may be how to do both simultaneously. There is a theme of the inner/outer self/other polarity still being played throughout these next weeks as there is a tendency for Taurus to pull away from the potential conflict and complexity of Scorpio, the sign which houses May’s Full Moon on the 3rd. The culmination of this Moon as well as Venus’ square to Chiron on April 29th points to potential feelings of isolation in relationship, unmet desires for intimacy, etc. The point is not to escape drama or conflict but rather investigate it for what lessons and potential growth lies within. The tendency with Sun in Taurus and a Full Moon square to Jupiter may be to try and avoid the deeper feelings and emotions and try to simply remain fixed into our own perspective, block out others, or escape into some charade. The Venus/Chiron square of the final week of April is rather a time to get into the heart of the matter. Fortunately Mercury entering his natal sign of Gemini on Wednesday the 30th and the Moon’s entrance into Libra should give us plenty of opportunity to be able to openly speak and express our feelings, to balance our emotional lives with others with our independent duties and achieve harmony in our environment on every plane of being.

To make things interesting we have asteroid Juno moving together with Jupiter through Leo for several weeks from our full moon to our next new moon. Juno is in fact the wife of Jupiter in Greek/Roman mythology. Juno is the relatedness principal that desires intimacy and bonding with others, Jupiter is natural understanding. Jupiter/Juno in Leo certainly doesn’t shy from admiration and has alot to show off and express in a big way, this combined with Mercury & Venus in Gemini opens the gates for alot of conversation, debating, philosophizing and general illuminating. The point with all this is to be completely valid, authentic and real with how we feel and not simply shoot the shit with how everything is or is not going for us. What is going on is happening on the surface. It is good, and it is very relevant, but what we feel is what’s happening beneath the surface and it’s just as relevant, if not a bit more necessary due to our limited comfort zones and tendencies to not go there. There is a profound opportunity however to gain quite a bit of insight if we can be honest and let the cat out of the bag so to speak so long as we aren’t completely over reacting or exaggerating what we feel. If we can feel intentionally we will not have to react to what we cannot ignore. [/elements_animation]

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May’s Full Moon in Scorpio on the 3rd exactly squares Jupiter in Leo at 13 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo & Scorpio illuminating our potentially conflicting desires for intimacy and receptivity with others and our own unique & creative desires that are implemented independently. Mercury opposing Saturn the day of the Full Moon only makes matters more critical and serious. The purpose of this illumination is to grant us deeper security through confronting potential insecurities which can act out in any number of ways as per individual. General themes have to do with power, resources, security, money, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality & creativity. All of these things fundamentally and energetically are tied together on a much deeper level then it may seem, but to find a perfect balance and harmonious relationship with these is quite a task in today’s day and age. The key again, as with any Full Moon is not to ignore that Moon but access its power, dive into the depths of our emotions, see what sunken treasure lies within, be inquisitive, be smart in which case a huge amount of potential is possible. Our instincts and emotional reactions and responses are so powerful because they are entirely Nature. They are coming directly from the unconscious part of ourselves that ironically has a tendency to control us if we try to hide from it, so let us not be afraid! Let us seize the opportunity to witness our desires and emotions play and act about, but let’s take it all in with a healthy dose of objectivity as to not blow things too out of proportion. It is love that binds subjectivity with objectivity. We can view our own individual position, our “little me” and let that child freely express his/her emotions and simultaneously we can keep that child from having an embarrassing freak-out in the grocery-store aisle. Innocence is key when dealing with the complicated bits of life, the solution to balancing the Taurus and Scorpio polarity is finding the means to create a stable environment and sanctuary that simultaneously allows for transformation, evolution and greater and greater realms of mastery to be reached.

The first week of May sees the Sun square Jupiter and trine Pluto, continued ambition confidence, sharp determination and drive. Venus moving into the watery sign of Cancer provides a bit of a softness to the busy and practical/logical nature of Taurus/Gemini. We can be a bit more personal with our close associations and less distracted by the rest. Mercury will form a mutable square with Neptune and the Moon will be in Aquarius on Mothers day. Certainly another grandeous creative/expressive weekend if we can be realistic and grounded. The Sun is also sextile to a Chiron conjunct Vesta in Pisces. There is remarkable room for healing occurrences to happen through our experiences, and we may feel our heartfelt desires beckoning to us to help other people, serve our fellow man, which we can do in so many ways and so many different creative expressions. We may feel our limits thoroughly tested in this endeavor however as we approach our 4th quarter square Moon on May 11th and the energy picks up pace as Mars moves into the restless sign of Gemini. Mercury, in his own happy sign of Gemini is entering his intense-shadow-phase on the 14th preparing to turn retrograde on the 20th meaning communications and networking with others may now be already getting fuzzy and a bit disorienting as we adjust into a period of internal mental reflection to last from May 20th to June 11th. Mars opposing Saturn mid-May can also sometimes provide some frustration to our endeavors if we cannot be flexible and patient. Flexibility is key to all retrograde periods as repeating and redoing is an opportunity to go back and see things in a new light. Instead of beating ourselves up with rigid deadlines and expectations allow spaciousness for creativity. Venus’ water trine to Neptune on the 16th instead creativity to flourish in a compassionate and nurturing way if we can provide for a warm welcoming environment. [/elements_animation]

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photo: Hannah

Taurus season culminates and concludes with a New Moon in it’s own sign on May 18th. Here is the opportunity to set our intention for resources and abundance we want to acquire and desire for our own security. Whatever it is that we want to provide for others, whatever service or goods we want to work with, this is the time to now box up and prepare to enter the marketplace with said goods. The sabian symbol for the degree of this moon is “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passerby”, curiously this New Moon is exactly when Mercury stations in Gemini preparing to reflect on the past throughout his retrograde for the next month. Each of us do have artifacts buried in our subconscious, memories, missing pieces of the puzzle. These artifacts are in fact the key to our deepest inherent security because they reveal whether our deep intentions are rooted in fear or self-security. We have the opportunity now to set new practices, methods, structures into place that allow for even deeper authentic security to be acquired by going back into the past and seeing what parts of ourselves needs to be rewired. With the Sun entering Gemini on the 21st of May we will continue to witness the power of words, and how our own mental constructs have largely shaped our reality and our own essential means of evaluating and discerning. Venus opposing Pluto at the time of this new moon cycle provokes an investigation of relationship dynamics, how we are feeling nurtured, what our values are and how we feel secure. This is a mission for inner-security, which is truly soul work, that we can now harness the winds of Gemini to put into context and words as we work together to help eachother unravel our own greatest potentials. Wrapping up the Taurus season this year is a good time to keep in mind we are sailing this ship ever-onward and continuing the pace, so it’s opportune to set a good intention for a solid structure and harmonious ever-expanding, ever-growing- ever-providing system that we can really get into; And that system is Nature! Let’s celebrate gratitude for this Nature and may we find so much to be gained from it! [/elements_animation]

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