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“Timothy is not only a scholar of astrology, he is also profoundly wise. After a lifetime of interest with this field, my work with Timothy brought a beautifully fresh perspective to issues I have wrestling for some time. With humor and insight, he takes great care in assuring his clients of their highest purpose and offers practical tools to achieve those ideals. I look forward to seeing Timothy grow even further into his work as an astrologer. He is truly gifted.” – Claire 10/02/16

“Timothy is a gifted astrologer and my reading with him was great: very thorough and absolutely on point about me and where I am at right now. Deeply affirming and with far more astrological detail than I have experienced before. Also very insightful and intuitive – more than just personal, also giving wider context about where my contribution fits into the collective unfolding at this time. I so enjoyed talking to this wise soul! I know I will refer to the recording many times. Highly recommended. Thank you Timothy.” -Amanda 09/20/16

“It has been a privilege to have Timothy delve into my Astrological chart with me. His insight into my character and life challenges was right on the mark. His genuine, empathetic concern for my struggles came from a greater understanding of our historical and evolutionary progressions and he was able to provide the impetus I needed to embrace all of my story, and own my personal journey with renewed resolve.” – Delia 09/11/16

“Tim gave a very accurate, down to earth, honest reading. It honestly was exactly what I needed as far as soul advice was concerned. I felt like I was at a crossroads before. Now I feel much better in my standing because he gave me insight as to what was going on energetically worldwide. It made me feel like I wasn’t just the only one feeling like they were struggling with this.” – Jacqui 08/14/16

“My reading with Tim was both uplifting and enlightening. I so appreciated his gentle and considered approach and his insights gave me much welcomed guidance and reassurance in a time when it was much needed. I came away from this reading with a clearer understanding of all that was swirling around me and how to keep walking my path through it. A gift.” – Jen 07/17/16

“Timothy’s depth of understanding and intuitiveness of the human psyche gives you a 360º scope of the inner workings of your mind to offer a fresh new perspective and clarity for your situation. I felt ‘heard’, renewed in my own sense of trust and ‘not alone’. Thank you so much Timothy for bravely sharing your gifts in a raw, real, unedited but eloquent way.” – Ruby 07/03/16 

“When I answered the survey questions before the reading, I became anxious that I provided TMI or the wrong kind of information. But, when I received his report and began to listen to his recording, I felt at ease.  Timothy has a magical way of meeting you where you are at today. He delves into your past, but at the same time helps you realize you are so much more. He highlights your strengths and potential, while also giving thoughtful insight into your personality and sensitivities. It feels good to know I can replay his recording in the future when I need some gentle reassurance.  If you enjoy his YouTube videos, I highly recommend getting a personal reading from him. You will feel special and hopeful about your place in life.” – MCF 05/15/16 

“Timothy’s interpretations of my chart were 100% spot on and helped me make more sense of the numerous changes in my life the last few years, the areas where I need to be aware and some wonderful insights and encouragement to continue on the path of authenticity as I seek to create a peaceful haven of life & love. I would highly recommend a reading from Timothy!” – Janet 05/12/16 

“I knew Tim was thoughtful, intuitive, funny, and gave really real life applications from watching him on his You Tube videos but my reading today was beyond my biggest expectations. I am blown away by how accurately my life was ‘read’… past, present and future potentialities. I was seeking guidance and I got it! I immediately called my girlfriend and told her she has to call for an appointment.” – Debbi 05/05/16 

“Tim’s report was above and beyond any natal chart reading I’ve ever had, particularly with the inclusion of the asteroid god and goddess archetypes. He explained even the more challenging areas of my chart in a gentle and positive way. Going forward, I feel even more certain and confident about my path in this life and in my own unique abilities. What a gift!” – Jennifer 03/29/16

“Timothy’s reading of my natal chart was quite resonant, personally timely, and inspirational. It was confirmatory of many things I intuitively knew about my path of development and personality from astrology and other modalities, but it also added greater depth to my self- understanding, and has actually helped usher in a new phase of my life as far as my spiritual growth. He organized the reading quite expertly and introduced and reinforced concepts effectively. He moved skillfully between the “big picture” and finer details, which made the reading, for me, more useful and legitimate. Timothy is adept at finding appropriate and comprehensible words for his interpretations and conveying the emotional sense behind the astrological symbols. The reading itself had an artful cadence, a slow build as he seemed to tap more deeply into the essence of the natal chart, to the point that itself became art, and was authentically inspirational. I have listened to it several times by now and can easily say it was worth the wait!” – Joseph 03/27/16 

“The reading was helpful in validating what I innately knew about myself but often have judged and discarded as silly ponderings or unbecoming whims. I appreciate that Tim’s style seems to flow from the ethers and is engaging to follow.” – Ruby 03/07/16 

“I was surprised when Tim told me that the reading I ordered would take months to be ready. I understood quickly that his reading was not an ordinary one and he is really giving his soul and using all his knowledge very generously to do it . His interpretation is very deep and meaningful. It’s definitely worth to have his reading at least once in a lifetime. It’s like a guide that you can use everyday through out your life .. I feel very happy to come across and lucky to have my reading by Tim” – Istanbul 09/30/15 

“As the 13th century poet, Rumi, said, “Maybe you are searching in the branches for what only appears in the roots.” Tim is a gentle soul with a profound gift of delivering honest perspectives who can bring those roots to the surface in order to give you greater clarity of who you are as a person and what your greater purpose in life is. If you want to dig deeper into yourself and have a better understanding of why it is you do certain things or behave in certain ways, Tim is the guide to your higher enlightenment. Although I was familiar with my natal chart prior to my reading with him, I gained a tremendous amount of insight into my life path through Tim’s in-depth interpretation of my chart. His intuitive nature and knowledge of astrology is overwhelming. He proficiently described what each planet, heavenly body, aspect, and transit meant to me personally and provided a tremendous amount of information during our time together. The audio recording of our session helped considerably in sorting out everything he said by allowing me to revisit all the subject matter he delivered. He is not just an astrologer, but a messenger of truth who speaks of one’s individuality through his interpretive gifts. I strongly urge anyone seeking more understanding about themselves to get a personal reading from Tim. He is a spiritual brother on the path, and should you be willing and open to accept all the facets of your identity that he can show you, I guarantee your own path will be that much more illuminated by his reading.” – Michelle 07/27/15 

“Affirmation, confirmation and validation. These are words that describe the natal/transit reading I received from Tim. Every aspect of the reading was exactly on the mark. This is the third professional astrology reading I have had in twenty years, and this chart included aspects I had not seen before. The information was indeed written in the sky at the time of my birth, but Tim Halloran has a brilliant gift of interpretation and I am very grateful for it.” – Linda 07/21/15

“Over the years I’ve had my chart read by a few professional astrologers, but never have I had such an in depth and meaningful reading as with Tim. Not only was the information illuminating, but it was offered thoroughly and in “layman’s” terms, and I clearly understand how I can integrate it into my life. I’m encouraged by the progress I’ve made during this lifetime and looking forward to the future unfolding. From now on I’m going to give myself an inspiring and practical birthday present every year by purchasing a transit reading from you. Thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge!” – Victoria 06/16/15 

Tim’s reading helped me immensely. I watch his weekly Astrology Report which is so spot on and so I decided to get a reading. I’m so glad I did. The reading gave me a much better understanding of myself and my purpose. I had a number of aha moments. I believe it’s because of the way he explains things. Tim is definitely a gifted astrologer.” – Harish 05/09/15

I cannot tell you how much confirmation it brought to me; I mean, it’s as if you see straight into my soul and have been with me every step of the way.  I’m blown away, honestly.  Hearing it all was like a warm blanket being lovingly draped around me and safely tucking me in.” – Diane 04/24/15

A reading with Tim is like going on a colorful and enlightening adventure into the deepest parts of your soul. It is as if this dear soul, Tim, takes you by the arm and leads you into the halls of yourself, pointing out the personalities and stories of the archetypes found within. Weaving words like a master story teller, friend and motivational speaker, the tapestry of self slowly becomes clearer with each step. His depth of knowledge, spiritual insight, inclusive language and sense of humour truly feels like having a conversation with a friend who knows you well. The manner of explanation of these archetypes and personality quirks gives one a sense of permission to fully accept, access and integrate some of the more challenging and beautiful aspects of self. At the end of my reading, I was left with a deep sense of understanding of some things long puzzled over and generally excited about who I am, where I am going, and the beauty of my soul’s journey in this world. His dedication and love of his craft is evident. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with him through a reading and I would sincerely recommend him to anyone interested in their own soul growth and evolution into love. ” – Jodi 03/21/15

I was actually blown away. I’d been drawn to the site through the weekly astrology updates, I felt they came from the right place and were very accurate. To put it simply, there was and is a very good vibe.  I was astounded at the accuracy. I actually had a good cry, as I have been misunderstood a good many times. This was both enlightening and uplifting. I would entrust my friends with Rasa Lila. There were very detailed aspects of my life and my personality, that no one could have known. I found the reading very thorough, concise and heartfelt. Thank you.” – Kendra 03/04/15

A true pleasure working , sharing, and communicating with Tim.  His energy is deep and wise and brightly shines in affirmation of the journey.” – Victor 02/26/15 

Knowing (and liking) Tim’s style of not shying away from emotional depth – I had subconsciously prepared myself to take on more brutal truths or some shadowy aspect within… but instead found myself touched by the softness, personal validation, and encouragement extended throughout the reading. A lot of healing happened on a lot of levels. After the very first sentence past the intro, I broke down in tears. And then laughter. And then more tears. And then great moments of profound silence and listening. Followed by more tears and laughter. Thank you. I am still processing it and how to apply the insights to reality, while also being incredibly inspired to learn more about astrology. My heart says thank you on a level I haven’t known how to express with words but wanted to try.” – Tracey 02/18/15

Tim’s reading was absolutely Amazing! I would rate it as the Best I’ve ever had and thats saying a lot since my first reading was 40 years ago and I know many astrologers. Don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed, Tim personalizes the reading so much more than anyone else I’ve ever consulted and his accuracy is 100% bullseye. A very gifted young man, I look forward to his YouTube videos each week, his Facebook posts, and will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Tim, all the best to you!” – Monica 01/16/15

Tim has an extraordinary gift. He is so very insightful and eloquent, showing such love and respect for the journey we are all on. The time spent in the reading has been so very helpful, bringing much needed clarity. You are an inspiration. Thank you Tim.” – Sarah 12/13/14

“I am deeply impressed with the level of depth and accuracy of Tim’s interpretation of my birth chart. Soaring through the vastness of my astrological data like an eagle, his razor-sharp vision spotted all my key areas of concern and dove right into to their core with exquisite precision, extracting high quality observations perfectly echoing and evolving my personal experience. Without one superfluous phrase, or unnecessary repetition, Tim offers the distilled version at extra high potency, and a re-listen to the recording is definitely a must. This makes me draw the conclusion that Tim is either remarkably well prepared, or that he simply is channeling genius. I actually believe it is a mix of both. If you are interested in soul level astrology, I can highly recommend Tim Halloran. His perspective is unique, intelligent and inspiring, and his delivering of it is both personal, highly empathic and heart-felt.” – Julia 11/19/14

“Where to begin… Tim brings the sky to life. He is connected to the stars in a way no human can explain. Although a certain level of training and skill are required to read natal charts, there is an intuitive knowing that is of utmost necessity in an astrologer. Tim has this imbedded deep within – a gift from the highest spirit. He has an immediate sensitivity to a person’s energy in a way that unveils what most try to hide in surface interaction. I have not known Tim for long, and yet I feel a profound sense of trust and comfort in his zany, genuine, and expressive way of being. As he interpreted my chart, tears came gushing in response to the clarity and understanding he gifted me. Without having to say a word, I was walked through the maze that is my Self. I so appreciate Tim’s “turn-inward” approach to healing and highly recommend Rasa-Lila Healing as a route to further an understanding of one’s truest self, heal wounds from childhood and/or past lives, seek meaning in astral happenings, or all of the above. From the bottom of my heart I tell you Rasa-Lila is blessed by two of the greatest souls I’ve encountered. Support these angels; you won’t regret it!” – Christi 08/20/14

“Tim’s readings have allowed me to learn about aspects of my self which I have always intuitively known, but never once consciously thought about. I have a greater understanding of the many notes in my song of existence because of this . Everything shared with me is cohesive with all that I have known about my inner workings and resonates with the infinite wisdom of all that is. I am now assured that through a reading I can reaffirm to myself where I am and where am I going on the path of life.” – James 05/21/14

“While I must admit that astrology has never been of particular interest to me, Tim has given me a newfound appreciation for the alignment of the stars! His reading was spot-on accurate and gave me an insight as to what lies ahead in my future. I have referred several friends to Tim, and they have also been extremely pleased with his understanding of the alignment of the planets and the relationship to their particular birth sign. The depth of his understanding makes it clear that Tim is an old soul called here to offer his vision and his hope for humanity. I highly recommend his services!” – Don 05/16/14