The Circle From the Spiral, the Goats From the Sheep

To become aware of our unconsciousness we have to be open to negative thoughts, emotions and reactions as a prerequisite. While we are leading lives that frowns upon any admittance of negativity we are only denying the parts of our expression that do not make sense to us. In other words an “overreaction” is only possible when the surface situation and generated result does not add up so we often create our own conclusions; “Wow I am too angry / sad / upset for no good reason… I should keep that part of me under control”. The traditional approach is to see emotions themselves as a hindrance and a “beast that needs tamed”. Only by taming such a beast we are literally just shutting the door to our soul and throwing away our power to make a difference in our own and other’s lives.
The curriculum of healing involves keeping the door wide open all of the time. The full spectrum of what moves through us is the information letting us know of what goes on way down below. There is a very good reason why we feel every iota of what we do, according to our soul. A traumatic experience may force the mind to blank out the details, but the impressions of the experience long lingers until we are ready for the day we bring such awareness from our unconscious to conscious being. This is how healing functions. Healing requires openness to the negative by the very fundamental nature by which it works. Otherwise there is nothing to heal.
1238739_10151931693464680_176419794_nThe spiritual journey and the journey of healing are identical. Where there is bias against what lies outside the comfort-zone in spiritual circles or practice is where absolutely nothing is happening. No healer exists with a “one size fits all cure” that is selling anything but snake-oil. If we are looking anywhere outside ourselves and immediate environments for what is wrong with the world we are mostly wasting our time, or trying to comfort the part in us we are also denying; The part that is not perfect. And nobody is. If we were perfect there would be no spiritual journey, there would be no healers, there would be no compassion, there would be no love.
What love is and the appearance it has been given can be on opposite ends of the spectrum of life. We often believe that outwardly shaping ourselves to perfection and suppressing all our woes is the path of the stoic hero. But a true stoic is one who has their door open to everybody and everything. They shake their fears and inadequacy by the hands and welcome them inside as valid and necessary parts of the human experience. They smile at the parts in them that frown at what causes them pain “Of course you are valid. Of course you deserve recognition. Of course you feel the way you do.” are words that leave the lips of those with hearts full of love. “Please tell me your story. Your version. Tell me what you want to.” are words coming from true spiritual practitioners.”I embrace you as you are” is the magic phrase of the master healer who can turn water into wine and lead into gold.

“Through love, all pain will turn to medicine.” – Rumi


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