Wisdom of the Senses

The subtle thoughts and feelings that we have been trained to instinctfully disregard as mere background noise or clutter is often the faint voices of our own subconscious and of deep and distant patterns that operate through us. Like the metronome of our own breathe or heartbeat it is easy to become hypnotized to the point of completely forgetting we are breathing or beating, yet by tuning ourselves into these natural symphonies a very profound shift overtakes us that can thoroughly revolutionize and empower our lives. We begin hearing things we’ve never heard and seeing things we’ve never seen. Instead of joining groups in conversation we find ourselves merging with the conversations of groups. Our experience becomes overall more tangible and profound as our senses becomes more heightened. Every day the world becomes more of a beautiful and frightening place. Instead of simply hearing and witnessing the words and images that are put directly in plain sight the messages begin getting delivered in strange ways and back-doors. In conversations we find ourselves caring less about what we hear and more about what we feel; The place, the feeling of where those words come from. This is how we know we are maneuvering through the “unseen world” (the Feminine, Gaia), the world of Nature, it is the same space from which all life on this planet learns and grows from, simply by feeling and trusting through our natural-born senses and instincts. If we can learn to rest in that “unseen space” instead of either disregarding it as mere “background noise” or running away from it out of fearful paranoia we can acquire the greatest protection and benediction this world has to offer us. By making friends with all of ourselves, by letting go, by merging, feeling, surrendering instead of the being under the constant siege of our maddened and delusional “rational discernment” we may, despite what ancient prejudices would have us think, become all the wiser.

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